Cliffside Malibu Opens For Drug Detox And Other Addiction Treatments

Released on: February 24, 2009, 12:46 am
Industry: Healthcare

Malibu, California, December, 2008 - At Cliffside Malibu, they firmly believe that to be successful in addiction treatment, each patient’s individual circumstances must be considered and accounted for. They use programs that are targeted at specific addictions, but their counselors and therapists will work closely with a guest during all stages of their stay and tailor the treatment to their needs, making any adjustments required to ensure that they succeed. They employ a range of traditional and alternative treatments in their programs including personal, group and family counseling, herbology, massage, yoga and acupuncture.

Their staff members are experts in their fields and they have drawn deeply on their experience to design effective programs for a wide range of addictions and disorders, including: alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, dual diagnosis, gambling addiction, eating disorders, interventions, drug rehab, pharmaceuticals addiction, methamphetamine addiction, opiates detox, porn addiction and depression. The list is long and their experience wide.

The alcohol rehab program at Cliffside Malibu offers hope for alcoholics and their families. Their staff draws upon a wealth of experience in successfully treating alcohol dependency, using group, family and individualized psychological/emotional therapy in addition to alternative treatment methods such as yoga and acupuncture. Their alcohol rehab program has been developed by experts to counter the effects of long-term alcohol abuse and to give their patients the best chance to beat alcoholism.

Individual attention is critical, so every patient is assigned to a primary therapist on admission, ensuring that he or she receives valuable one-on-one time and that treatment is constantly monitored and adjusted as required to meet his or her unique needs. The premises at Cliffside Malibu are second to none, with a luxurious beachfront location that boasts a long list of amenities, including: Gourmet meals, ocean vistas, well-appointed rooms, access to a wealth of recreational and relaxation activities, an exclusive location that ensures privacy and security and discrete staff.

Their residents are comfortable, relaxed, healthy and worry-free during their stay, allowing them to concentrate on their recovery. When in-residence treatment is completed, an after-care program is provided to prevent sliding back into old habits and they also offer counseling and services for family members.

Cliffside Malibu is no ordinary alcohol rehab center, that’s for sure. Cliffside Malibu can empower you to overcome your alcoholism. They are aware of all the programs and methods out there and they know what works, and what doesn’t. Their therapists and counselors are experts in the treatment of addictions and have successfully treated people for alcohol dependencies for years; they understand what guests are going through and will spend the time needed to make their stay a successful one.

They have the staff, the programs, the facilities and the experience. If a person or their loved one suffers from an alcohol dependency, seeking out treatment is the biggest and most important decision that individual can make. Guests at Cliffside Malibu can beat their addiction and concentrate on regaining what they may have lost as a result of it. They will get sober, improve their health, get their career on track and take back their life. If a person isn’t living their life to the fullest, then that’s no kind of living at all.

And remember - their selection process for their doctors, nurses, and therapists is as meticulous as the one for their personal trainers, massage therapists, chefs and residential advisors. They do this to ensure that their clients have successful recoveries that last for the rest of their lives. If recovery is sought here, rest assured that it is the best possible place that can be found to help a human being back into life and love.

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