Sign Language Interepreter Services provided to the Washington DC - Maryland - Virginia metro area by Hands in Motion

Released on: February 23, 2009, 12:34 am
Author: LPI
Industry: Consumer Services

Hands In Motion is an ASL American Sign Language interpreting agency, serving the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia Metro area. The company is committed to, not only providing highly qualified sign language interpreters, but finding the best fit for both client and interpreter. All of the interpreters have been carefully screened, and are well versed and strictly follow the RID Interpreter's Code of Ethics. Hands In Motion also ffers other therapeutic services as well at the highest standards.

Hands in Motion has been providing the American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter services for more than 3 years. The interpreters in the database include RID/NAD certified and non-certified professionals. Currently, there are over 25 ASL interpreters in the company database serving the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia metropolitan area and beyond.

Jeremy Mann, the owner of Hands in Motion, is an experienced sign language interpreter who devotes his full time attention to serve his clients. Apart from performing the ASL interpreting, he manages the company business, conducts in house screening and evaluations of all of interpreters, and assigns the most appropriate interpreter to each client.

The Washington D.C. public schools system has been the primary customer for 3 years. Hands in Motion has been providing full-time sign language interpreters to their deaf population.

The dedicated interpreters have not missed one day of the school year. The company also provides interpreters to the Maryland court systems, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Maryland Montgomery County Public Schools, and Obama for America in Northern Virginia.

Recently, Hands in Motion has established the company website in order to meet the demand of the services nationally; it also allows the company conducing interpreters’ recruiting around the country.

Hands in Motion strives to provide the highest quality of the job performance coupling with the timely approach. It is the company policy that the interpreter must arrive 15 minutes earlier before starting the assignment so that he or she can become familiar with the new environment and people. They are instructed to observe the rules and regulations closely on the job. He or she is expected to maintain open and frequent communication with other employees. When/if the assigned interpreter cannot make it to the job due to unexpected events, the substitute interpreter is readily at hand to step in. To respond in a timely fashion to the customers’ requests, the phone in requests are answered in 24/7 manners.

Hands in Motion desires to do its best in providing the most satisfactory customer service.

If any complaints about the services arise, the company will address and resolve the issue in a most efficient way, even if it means replacing an interpreter. The company’s usual practice is the preference of making requests 48 hours in advance by the customers but, Hands in Motion has always been able to fulfill the customer’s expectation even in the cases of short notice. This is the strength of the company that shows how flexible the employees can be!

Hands in Motion has more than 25 reliable interpreters in the database, who are capable of providing full and part time interpretation services. The company continues to recruit additional first rate interpreters, adding to the work force in order to handle contracts that require multiple interpreters.

Please visit us online at or call (877) 310-8389 to learn more about our services and rates.

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