After 20 Years Of Research, And Years Trying Without Giving Up, Brazilian Writer Lands In A Big Publishing House In Germany


Released on: May 28, 2009, 4:42 am
Author: Fabio Araujo / International Alliance Pro-Publishing, LLC
Industry: Media

Brazilian Historian Fabio R. Araujo did not give up. He knew he wouldn't have much success publishing in his country and he believed that he should try a rich country to publish his book, after spending more than 20 years in his research, he landed in Kopp Verlag, a major German house that publishes well-known writers such as Donald Trump, Robert Kyosaki, Rhonda Byrne (The Secret), Deepak Chopra, Eric Von Däkinen, Robert Bauval, G. Hancock, Adrian Gilbert, Kurt Allgeier, Zecharia Stichin, Leo DeGard, Andy Lloyd, Thimothy Good, Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson etc.

Although he also managed to be published in the USA in IAP Publishing, LLC, the German house is one among the largest publishing houses dealing with subjects seen by some as heretical subjects, hidden archaeology, hidden truths etc. His book was translated from English into German by German writer L. Degard, who has 2 books published in Germany.

"This is a long-waited dream being fulfilled!"

Currently the book rights are being handled by some of the most important agents and agencies in the globe to be sold for publication in other countries. Asked why he did not try to be published in a good publishing house in Brazil, he replied:

"Brazilians don't like reading. Unfortunatelly, they don't buy books."

According to him, the current crisis and global warming are found in predictions made tens or hundreds of years ago. And after a huge global catastrophe, a new age and a new system different from capitalism will come. More than a book about prophecies, the author tries to connect past myths from different civilizations and religions to prophecies about the future, saying for example, that the biblical creation and other myths from the primordial waters were periodic catastrophes connected to past global temperature change that happened before a huge flood. According to his study, a future global flood should happen after global warming, in about 20 years.

The author began his study when he had a premonition about 20 years ago which became part of his life a few months later. After researching more than five hundreds of books in many countries, he hopes now to land in other large publishing houses in Europe.

Contact Details: IAP, LLC
7260 W. AZURE DR STE 140. LAS VEGAS, NV 89130.


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