Breastfeeding Dresses The New Maternity Choice


Released on: June 23, 2009, 2:17 am
Author: Fertile Mind Pty Ltd
Industry: Apparel & Fashion

The trend now is for maternity wear to have a breastfeeding capability as well. Spokeswoman for Fertile Mind, a supplier of maternity clothing, Christine Kininmonth agrees.

The popularity of nursing clothes generally has risen tenfold in the last two years, but the new trend is for pregnancy clothing to be suitable for breastfeeding as well. she says. We have stores demanding dresses and tops that are long enough to cover pregnant bellies and that can stretch back to be worn after the baby is born PLUS have a breastfeeding design feature. Ruching at the sides is particularly popular, as it flatters a pregnant tummy and hides a post-baby one.

Christine says maternity dresses such as Mothers En Vogue's Dana dress are the way of the future.

The Dana dress has the stretch for maternity and the discreet breastfeeding openings for nursing. Pregnant women get hot easily, so the dress has 50% cotton. There is also plenty of Spandex for stretch and Modal for softness.

Fertile Mind has been in the maternity wear business for more than 10 years. We saw the rise and rise of breastfeeding clothing and the trend towards fitted clothes that sit tight across the pregnant belly. Now the two have combined, and there is a demand for fitted clothes that you wear for a lot longer than nine months.

The Dana dresses are available at

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