One-of-a-kind Jacket Set to Auction

Outrageous glowing jacket has heads spinning!


Released on: October 16, 2009, 12:45 pm
Author: FotoLum
Industry: Retail

Lenexa, Kansas - FotoLum, a small company really big on innovations, is set to auction off a custom designer, one-of-a-kind, show-stopper jacket. The handmade jacket glows in the dark with an incredible intensity, energy free! No batteries required, kids!

The company intends to make only one of these hand made fashion statements.

Forget about turning heads. This jacket will spin them like a top! The jacket appears to have a life of its own through the pure energy it emits. No need for candles during that romantic candlelight dinner.

FotoLum searched the elite world of fashion design and managed to locate an obscure Frenchman in the foothills of the Pyrenees. That man is La Maistre; eccentric, talented and virtually unknown. The canvas he uses to express his art is not the traditional range of rich fabrics the world has to offer, but rather rare cast vinyl.

That fact made La Maistre perfect for the job. FotoLum's proprietary photo luminescent vinyl is designed for tough durability and safety, not the elegant draping and shaping associated with high fashion design. Created from rare earth minerals combined through heat and pressure, the photo luminescent crystals possess a diamond-like hardness. In fact, Le Maistre commented that in creating this amazing fashion statement, he went through multiple pairs of $300 professional-grade sewing shears.

The FotoLum Jacket glows so brightly, this photo only required a one-second exposure. It glows after being exposed to light - natural or artificial and will NEVER lose it's ability to charge up and glow.

Clearly, this creation - dubbed the Glow n' Show Jacket is meant to be worn by an individual as unique as the jacket. And someone very well-off. Rumor has it that the bidding will start at $30,000 US! But the impact it will have when the owner struts into a night club or appears on-stage in a performance will be breathtaking. This jacket is a statement maker and there is only one of them in the entire world. La Maistre hasn't disclosed the actual amount of time it took him to create his masterpiece, but experts speculate that it could have approached hours in the triple digits.

This glowing fashion statement will surely get the attention of the celebrity world, clearly the market for such an extravagant creation.

A variant of the same material used in the FotoLum Glow n' Show Jacket is used on helmet and equipment patches implemented by the Fire Department of New York and many other fire departments across the nation, including Atlanta and Los Angeles, to which FotoLum supplies.

The company is involved in a broad range of industry applications ranging from photo luminescent, retro-reflective collars for pets; to photo luminescent indoor and outdoor signage; to the boarding (skate board, long board, surf board, etc) market with its newly released board protection and illumination product - Board Brite.

The company's well-known After-Lite product which attaches to a compact fluorescent bulb is widely embraced by the "green" community for its energy-free emergency lighting capabilities. After-Lite is a recipient of the "Green Home Eco Innovation Award" for 2009.

All Fotolum products are made in the USA and recharge over and over, lasting for 10 years or more.

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