Algae Educational Kit Will Grow On Schools


Released on: January 04, 2010, 3:50 am
Author: Steve Ewings / World of Algae
Industry: Education

January 4, 2010 –World of announced today that they are weeks away from launching the Algae Educational Kit. This brand new hands-on Kit is packed with information and gadgets to grow algae.

“We have been getting increased interest from teachers, educators, and students about producing a guide for those who want to maintain algae cultures and carry out simple growth experiments. There seems to be detailed books for the more advanced student or worker, but very few books for inexperienced people. We hope the kit we have put together will bridge that gap”, said David Sieg, author of the Algae Educational Kit workbook.

The World of Algae website was launched in 2009 by Mr Sieg and Steve Ewings. “The Algae Educational Kit was developed for both the school and home market and it is part of our commitment to providing up to date information on the world of algae”, said Mr Ewings.

It is true that companies like Exxon and BP are investing $100s of millions in algae biofuel research and development. This new Kit may provide students with the opportunity to contextualise what is happening in this developing field.

The Algae Educational Kit includes everything to begin growing algae including: a CD containing the workbook and lesson plans; specially formulated algae nutrient; a digital temperature gauge; pH sticks; air stone; silicone air lines; gang valve; light clamp and 75 watt algae grow bulb; check valve and an air pump.

According to Steve Ewings, one of the founders of World of Algae, "Alga has the potential to radically change our lives... undoubtedly children of the future will see green pond slime through very different eyes, and our Kit aims to become part of that process.”

The Kit will be available towards the end of January 2010, and to avoid disappointment educators are invited to register their interest:

Contact Details: 27 Wilson Street, Canberra, AUSTRALIA 2605, +61 2 6285 1945,



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