B2G Sports Changes The Game For Young Athletes


Released on: February 24, 2010, 6:01 am
Author: Octavia Bostick
Industry: Sports

B2G Sports Has Record Breaking Year With 40 Alumni Signing To Major Universities

(February 24, 2010, Los Angeles, CA) B2G (Beyond 2000) is a premiere training program that is contracted directly by a number of BCS universities to scout college prospects. As one of the leading training programs in the country, it remains a pioneer of high school football’s invitation only camp format. Established over 10 years ago by co-founders Ron Allen and Henry Bell, the program is celebrating its most rewarding year yet with 40 of this session’s alumnus signing college scholarships on Feb 4, 16 of those being Pac 10 schools. In addition to the signings, over 200 alumni will be on major BCS rosters come fall 2010. B2G has also yielded 51 high school All-Americans, 11 alum currently on NFL rosters (i.e. Steve Smith-NY Giants, Dennis Dixon-Pittsburgh Steelers & Sean Smith-Miami Dolphins to name a few), and 5 more will also be in this upcoming draft, and11 more in the 2011 draft.

Allen and Bell, alumni of the University of California, Los Angeles and Purdue University, respectfully, used their long-standing friendship, camaraderie, and shared experiences as student-athletes, as the foundation to create a unique and highly effective training method; one that levels the playing field between high school and college skill sets and competition. "Too many highly recruited prep stars grow complacent from dominating their peers. Without facing like talent or players that are better then them, it's difficult to find out what areas they need improvement in and that’s why top players are attracted to our program." co-founder Ron Allen added.

With three active locations in Los Angeles, the Inland Empire and Ventura County, the program easily ushers through close to 100 youth & high school athletes during any given session. One of three programs they provide for student athletes is Instinct Training™. This 15-week program is open to any player willing and ready to reach their full potential. This specialized training focuses on quick, explosive movements. Footwork, agility, and competition are always incorporated, as they are needed to play at an optimal level.

B2G alum and participant of Instinct Training, DJ Morgan, a senior at Taft high school in Los Angeles, was one of the 40 alum from the class of 2010 that recently accepted a Division 1 scholarship, and he will be attending USC. His father attributes the accomplishment to the skills acquired through the program, “Because DJ is a gifted athlete,” explains his father Dale Morgan, “He hadn’t in his normal teen setting had to face a lot of challenges, or keep his level of focus really high on a daily basis, so going to B2G put him in an environment with guys that were as good as him; and in order for him to continue at that top level it provided him the motivation to put forth a superb effort at all times. The attention they (B2G) give to advance level techniques and the understanding that you really have to compete to stand out and be noticed is what helped DJ maintain a certain level of excellence.”

The next two events coming from B2G during the year is the Instinct Showcase during the month of May, & the B2G Elite Camp in June. The Instinct Showcase is a one-day event that gives student athletes an opportunity to be seen by various scouts and the media. The Showcases also give these athletes a chance to be invited to arguably the most prestigious camp in the country, The B2G Elite Camp. The B2G Elite Camp is an invitation only overnight camp that simulates the first week of college football, and consists of three days and three nights on a college campus with the nation’s top prospects. It also includes collegiate-styled schedules consisting of practice, meetings, and workshops, as well as featuring character building activities, aggressive training regiments & film study and much more. This is the longest running Elite Camp in the country and the success of the program has started a wave of new Invite Only camps across the country. Over the last 10 years, over 30% of the Elite Camp alum has started as a true freshman & 95% have graduated from college.

For more information on the program, schedules, locations and fees please visit www.b2gsports.com. For interviews please contact Octavia Bostick at 714-808-2840.

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