Affiliate Network Clickbooth Releases Study on How to Increase Conversions with Mothers Ages 35 to 55


Released on: March 18, 2010, 2:20 am
Author: Clickbooth
Industry: Consumer Services

Affiliate network Clickbooth has released part two of its “An Inside Look at Marketing to Women Ages 35 to 55” study, and it focuses specifically on how to reach mothers within this valuable demographic, the largest group of consumers online. In general, these consumers are difficult to effectively target, as they are less compulsive when it comes to spending. Their social and interactive nature, however, offers an opportunity for those who employ affiliate CPA network campaigns. In part two of the study, author Sara Anderson offers tips on how to convert the mothers in this powerful group into customers.

March, 2010 – The female consumer hold tremendous spending power – on average, around 75,000 per year – and women ages 35 to 55 make up the largest group of consumers online. Affiliate network Clickbooth tackled identifying the groups within this valuable demographic in part one of its “An Inside Look at Marketing to Women Ages 35 to 55” study, and now part two aims to teach Clickbooth clients how to convert the mothers within this group into customers. Author Sara Anderson pulls from several other studies to complete her own, and the results will prove valuable for those who create affiliate CPA network campaigns.

Anderson surmised the following about the individual mothers within this demographic: “She is strategic in her decisions, compares products, and actually uses her friend’s (or trusted online mommy networkers) opinions as the determining factor in whether she will buy into a product or not.”

She tells Clickbooth clients that when creating affiliate network campaigns, they must treat these consumers with respect and have patience with a sometimes longer sales process. If they do, their campaigns will be successful. She goes on to break down part two of the study into two essential actions for Clickbooth's affiliate CPA network clients:

Spark a mother's interest – Use empathetic ad copy that creates an emotional connection and that is family-oriented. Use photos of a mother with her children. Anderson quotes a recent Facebook study that showed that mothers relate best to photos of mothers with their children, next to mothers laughing, and finally, mothers multi-tasking. Landing pages in an affiliate network campaign should be simple in design, and the call to action should be family friendly.

Increase her desire and trust in the product – Quickly show a mother that other mothers approve of the product, through videos, surveys, product reviews and customer testimonials.

Close the sale with an easy shopping cart experience – There should be no confusion when filling out an order form. A clumsy shopping cart experience can destroy the trust that the affiliate CPA network campaign has built.

Anderson offers many other strategies and tips within this study. To read the full study, which includes “An Inside Look at Marketing to Women Ages 35 to 55 Part 1,” go to

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