HR Consulting Firms Offer Fast Track To OSHA Safety Compliance


Released on: May 21, 2010, 11:55 am
Author: John Rico
Industry: Human Resources

Workplace safety issues have been front and center in the news recently making the announcement that National PEO –one of the leading HR consulting films- is now offering even more timely safety compliance services. HR consulting firms offer small to medium sized businesses a fast track to meeting relevant safety regulations for their industry, a goal that’s been driven home by a coal mine disaster in West Virginia and the explosion on an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana. These tragedies are reminders that safety compliance services are an important part of any company’s Human Resources commitment, serving to prevent employee injuries and protect companies from potential legal ramifications of incidents.

May, 2010 -- Against the backdrop of industrial tragedies in Virginia and Louisiana that together took the lives of over 40 workers, employee safety and compliance with related regulations is once again a hot-button issue, particularly among small and medium sized businesses which might not have the needed expertise within their own HR departments. National PEO, one of the nation’s leading HR consulting firms, has announced that it now offers safety compliance services tailored to meet the needs of some of the largest business sectors in the country, including: manufacturing, health care, food service and construction.

National PEO’s reputation among Human Resources consulting firms is built on years of experience, including 30 years combined among senior management and over a decade in operation. In fact, company founders helped to write legislation governing the PEO (Professional Employer Organization) industry. By offering comprehensive safety compliance services to its clients, National PEO removes the barriers to one of the most complex and difficult to implement components of a comprehensive Human Resources strategy. Workers are protected and companies benefit from reduced exposure to industrial accidents and safety code violations.

While other HR consulting firms offer programs to help companies comply with applicable safety regulations, none offers the comprehensive approach offered by National PEO. Included in its program is a safety inspection of a client’s premises conducted in the same methodology and approach employed by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), complete with written report and photographs. In addition, a safety audit can be performed, which goes into additional detail including a review of the client’s existing safety policy (as well as any Hazardous Material management plan), review of OSHA logs for the past five years, review of any corporate safety training programs and a detailed review of any accident reports along with supporting documentation. After analysis, the client is offered assistance in rectifying any oversights and in complying with OSHA regulations. This might include consultation in developing a comprehensive corporate safety program complete with safety training classes for employees. While the expertise needed to accomplish compliance may not be available within a smaller company’s own HR department, National PEO has the experience to offer safety compliance services that fill the gap. National PEO also offers the OSHA 10 and 30 hour outreach classes for both the general industry and construction industry.

Established in 1999, Arizona-based National PEO is one of the oldest and most experienced hr Consulting Firms in the US. Its executive team boasts a combined 30 years in the Human Resources industry. National PEO offers a wide range of HR services including payroll, benefits, recruiting, training and development, IT, labor law compliance, worker’s compensation and Safety Compliance Services. For further information about National PEO or its safety compliance program, please contact John Rico using the following contact information.

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