New Miami Boutique Hotel Offers "Oil Spill Special" To Lure Gulf Coast Travelers


Released on: May 25, 2010, 04:09 am
Author: Ashwin Kamlani
Industry: Travel

MIAMI (May 25th, 2010) – As reports of hotel cancellations continue to pour in all over the Gulf Coast, one new Boutique Hotel in Miami has found a way to help affected travelers as well as the hotels that are suffering as a result of what is being reported as the worst environmental disaster the United States has ever experienced. Aptly named “The Oil Spill Special,” any guest who books directly on New Yorker Boutique Hotel’s website and shows that they had a reservation at a hotel anywhere on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico will get an automatic 50% off their final hotel bill for the rest of 2010. Also, in an effort to support the hotels that are affected by the disaster, New Yorker Boutique Hotel will pay a 10% commission to any hotel on the Gulf of Mexico that refers a cancelled booking to them and informs them of the referral.

“This is a terrible disaster,” said Walter Figueroa, owner of New Yorker Boutique Hotel, “The hotel business has been difficult enough over the last few years and our hearts go out to the hotels on the gulf coast that are now losing even more business because of this environmental catastrophe. The oil spill special is our way of reaching out to travelers who have had to cancel their vacations, and to provide the affected hotels with a much needed source of income during this difficult time.”

To take advantage of The Oil Spill Special, book on the hotel website and be sure to write “Oil Spill Special” in the comments field. Customers must show a print out of a cancelled reservation booked prior to May 24th, 2010 at a hotel on the Gulf Coast to receive the 50% discount at check out. Hotels that wish to receive their 10% commission for referrals of cancelled bookings should e-mail customer details to Commission checks will be mailed to the hotel within 30 days after customer check out. Visit for details and reservations.

About New Yorker Boutique Hotel
Built inside the shell of a classic 1950s motel, New Yorker is one of the newest boutique hotels in Miami. Located on Miami’s famous MiMo Boulevard, New Yorker Boutique Hotel is a preserved historic building because of its post World War II modern architecture, originally designed by famous architect Norman Giller. After taking out several loans, asking favors from friends and renovating the hotel with their own hands, husband and wife team Walter and Shirley Figueroa (a four time cancer survivor) transformed the New Yorker Motel into the New Yorker Boutique Hotel. The hotel recently opened its doors to the public in April, 2010 after a significant renovation. Visit for more details.

Contact Details:

New Yorker Motel
6500 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33138-6230

Phone: (305) 759-5823
TOLL free: 877-308-3809



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