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Released on: May 14, 2010, 10:34 am
Author: I. Cohen
Industry: Financial

Frankfurt, Germany May 14, 2010 – Is it really possible to invest in the gold market completely risk free? Well according to Best Invest in Gold the answer to that is a resounding yes. In conjunction with the launch of their new website,, they are offering an incredible incentive to attract new investors.

With international offices in Milano, Italy, and Frankfurt, Germany, has been professionally branded for the retail investor in almost any country, be it the United States or the United Kingdom, to have access to information and trading platforms dealing in gold futures contracts not typically available through their brokerage accounts. In addition to the company's new logo, it has selected as its tagline, "Trading Your Gold Futures", to indicate not only its known expertise in trading the gold futures and gold options contracts, but also to communicate its message that in today's economic environment, commodity and other type investors can look at gold trading as another alternative investment vehicle to build their future portfolios.

A spokesman for the company said that with gold currently trading in the US$1,200 area, and having tripled over the past eight years, he sees no reason for this trend to end. However, from a trading perspective, it does not really matter which direction gold is moving as the company uses sophisticated trading models to lever up the investment for maximum returns by following short-term trends occurring on different exchanges in response to fast moving market conditions as they happen.

"It may not be uncommon for a U.S. based gold commodity investor to be familiar with The Chicago Board Of Trade or The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, but, just as an example, how many have taken advantage of the opportunities on the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchanges which has historically been an international hub for the physical trade of not only gold, but also many other commodities? Being specialists based in Europe, we have been making these platforms available to American and European investors since 2005."

In addition to receiving newsletters and updates regularly, has their unique first trade strategy for new clients. The firm will match you dollar for dollar in your investment and guarantee to absorb any loss through its tightly controlled risk management trading strategies. If the market moves in the planned direction, through the use of futures and options contracts, each dollar invested becomes more valuable by $1,000. Should the market move against you, the traders will sell out the position and send you back your investment plus ten percent (10%).

Thus, as the company boasts, “You really do have nothing to lose. When introducing a new client, we want them to know we are confident in our ability to make money for them as they deploy risk capital," In conjunction with the release of the video website, the company is currently offering a free downloadable report titled, “The Five Reasons Gold Will Hit $5,000”.

About The Company:
Best Invest in Gold was established five years ago by investment professionals who have spent many years in the commodities industry. The company prides itself on one-to-one direct relationships and personal service unmatched in educating its clients and making wise investment decisions specifically in the gold markets.

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