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Released on: May 28, 2010, 2:26 am
Author: Will
Industry: Apparel & Fashion

Do you have any Visa or MasterCard credit card? is now accepting credit cards with Visa or MasterCard logo that speeds up your shopping experience. With the new trend of credit card payment, you will enjoy the convenience these handy cards offer.

Credit cards are small plastic card issued by the bank that contains a line of credit where the cardholders used to purchase goods and services instead of cash. More often than not, the bank charged interest on it as agreed on the terms and conditions especially if the money borrowed is not paid back in full according to the allotted time. However, responsible management of your credit is an exciting experience while enjoying the handiness of credit cards while you shop. Both Visa and MasterCard has 16 digits with the former starts with number 4 while the latter starts with number 5. used to only have PayPal, Western Union, and Wire Transfer as ways to pay orders. With PayPal, payment is efficient with online security. The moment the order has been submitted, you can now make your payment to PayPal’s site. On the other hand, as for paying with Western Union, you need to email your order number; control number; the amount; and the sender’s name, address, and phone number to after payment has been made to it. Lastly, wire transfer payments should be address to Wei Feng as the beneficiary at the Bank of China Wenjiang Sub Br Sichuan Branch, account number 842078020002588, in #35 Section Renmin Zhonglu Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Order number and the sender’s information should be emailed to for milanoo to process the order.

The three modes of payment here are a little bit slower as compared to credit cards when purchasing products online. Although they are more or less the same, time factor is equally important determining factor. For example, when there are promotions and special discounts, using credit cards are indeed useful since when used, it will just automatically charged you and everything is available in writing on your billing statement. You won’t undergo anymore the hassle of long process of payment. Secondly, with other customers vying for the same item with credit cards handy, there is a big chance that you will be competing for the same product. Now, if you don’t have any, then, there will be no assurance that the item that you really love will stay available, especially if that item is a clearance sale and is discounted. Third, by using your credit cards, you have the potential for to earn various kinds of rewards. Rewards may be in the form of discounts on affiliate stores, airline tickets, or even cash!

While shopping, be ready with your credit card. Write it down to the box where it is required before you can complete the order. Customers are assured that has completely secure server to protect their credit card information. After the numbers are encoded, they will be automatically encrypted.

Let’s now rock and roll using your credit card! is waiting for you. Great savings, superb product, easy and quick payment!

Contact Details: Qingpi Avenue#319, Cross-Straits Science Park Information Industry Zone, Wenjiang District,Chengdu,Sichuan,China



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