D.P.Wood Management Makes It Even Easier To Send Your Money Abroad



Released on: August 02, 2010, 4:14 pm
Author: J. Fine
Industry: Financial

D.P. Wood Management has recently completed an expansion; both in terms of our workforce and the services we offer. Our new website at www.dpwoodmanagement.com provides a user friendly interface that is both easy to navigate and comprehensive in the information it provides. As a result we are now widely recognised as one of the most respected names in the foreign exchange industry, catering for business and personal clients alike.

D.P. Wood Management are market leaders in foreign currency, providing the most competitive exchange rates for individuals and companies wishing to transfer funds abroad.

Our clients benefit from the best available foreign currency exchange rates and highly efficient, accurate and speedy payment facilities. This ensures your funds arrive both on time and to the correct destination. There are no hidden costs, commissions, or fees - the rate we quote you is the rate we stick to.

The success of D.P. Wood Management depends on two central principles that we endeavour to deliver to our customers:

- The best exchange rates available in the market
- Unrivalled, innovative customer service.

Our client's needs are provided for by a team of dedicated and experienced currency exchange consultants, many of whom are experts in specific areas of the foreign exchange market. They are fully trained to guide and assist you in every aspect of your foreign currency requirements, including strategic forward planning and monitoring for favourable currency opportunities to secure the very best exchange rates for you.

Each of our clients receives a friendly, personal and highly efficient service regardless of the purpose of the transaction or the amounts involved. Our consultants ensure that everything is explained fully, clearly and without any jargon. All of our consultants and back office staff alike are a highly professional workforce; able and equipped to meet all your needs.

Our clients benefit from the best available foreign currency exchange rates and equally important, highly efficient, accurate and speedy payment facilities, ensuring your funds arrive both on time and to the correct destination.

Each client is assigned an experienced personal FX Consultant to act on their behalf, guiding the client every step of the way, until the transaction has been completed.

A separate, highly trained team of payments staff work in conjunction with each consultant. They ensure that payments are processed swiftly, accurately and in complete accordance with your payment instructions. They will ensure that payments arrive promptly and to the correct destination.

Our highly experienced Senior Consultants continuously monitor foreign currency exchange rates on 'live' trading screens in front of them. They will alert your personal consultant of any currency exchange rate changes that are beneficial to the criteria you have set us. This dedicated service minimises risks and identifies opportunities for the client.

Contact Details: D.P.Wood Management
Mainzer Landstrasse 64
60329 Frankfurt am Main
tel 0049 6967700932
email info@dpwoodmanagement.com



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