Payroll Outsourcing Services Save Small-Business Owners Time And Money


Released on: August 25, 2010, 4:24 am
Author: John Rico
Industry: Human Resources

Small-business owners often have to wear multiple hats: boss, human resources representative and payroll administrator, just to name a few. Thanks to National PEO, small-business owners can remove that last hat by outsourcing their company’s payroll administration. National PEO leads the payroll outsourcing services industry, offering payroll administration, tax payment and filing, online payroll entry, and EVerify, among other payroll-related tasks. The Scottsdale, Arizona, company helps small-business owners across the country save both time and money, as payroll administration is neither revenue-producing or an effective use of their time.

August 2010 – National PEO allows small-business owners to do what they do best: Run their companies. It does this by taking over all payroll services, including the important task of verifying work eligibility of employees. To determine whether or not a small business will benefit from payroll outsourcing services, including EVerify, National PEO does the following:

Performs a detailed analysis of the small business’ payroll operations and delivers an action plan showing the potential savings of time and money.

Outlines the many payroll outsourcing services National PEO provides, including:

Input Options – National PEO clients can decide how they want to upload payroll information. They can opt for WebPay, an online payroll entry solution, or they can fax, call, email or drop off their payroll information to be input.

Reports – National PEO’s powerful accounting software eliminates the task of compiling payroll reports.

Direct Deposit – Among National PEO’s payroll outsourcing services, is this versatile option: Small-business owners can give their employees the option of direct deposit, whether into one account or multiple, or via a pay card.

Deductions and Garnishments – National PEO handles health-care benefit deductions, child-support orders, levies and other deductions and garnishments.

PTO Tracking – Perhaps one of the most important of National PEO’s payroll outsourcing services, this system accurately tracks employee sick, vacation and personal time based on the policies of the small business.

In its action plan, National PEO also stresses the importance of employee verification. Not complying with state and federal law in this area can result in suspension and/or loss of a small business’ license. As part of its payroll outsourcing services, National PEO offers EVerify, which processes all new hires and consults with employees if they have questions. It also audits a small business’ I-9 forms and its employee filing system, and it follows up on discrepancies to comply with federal guidelines. EVerify also keeps small business owners informed of changes to federal and state laws regarding immigration.

National PEO also uses case studies to show small-business owners how they can save time and money through payroll outsourcing services, EVerify in particular. One case study focuses on a construction company that used National PEO to determine whether or not it was compliant with immigration rules and regulations. Through its audit, National PEO found potential violations that would have resulted in legal and financial consequences for the company had they been uncovered during an audit by a federal agency. Thanks to National PEO, the construction company was compliant within days and has since earned perfect scores on EVerify follow-up audits.

About National PEO: When it comes to payroll outsourcing services, National PEO leads the industry thanks to its successful leadership and innovative practices. To schedule an interview with a member of the National PEO team, call John Rico at 480-429-8098. To get more information about the payroll outsourcing services the company provides, including Everify, go to or call (480) 429-8098 or toll free (888) 221-0945.

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