Waveform Technology Provides Marian High School with Fastest Private School Internet Access in Michigan



Released on: August 20, 2010, 4:10 am
Author: Waveform Technology LLC
Industry: Telecommunications

TROY, Mich. – For the 2010 school year Troy based Internet Service Provider Waveform Technology is completing new fiber optic construction to provide gigabit Internet access to Marian High School in Bloomfield Hills, along with Brother Rice High school and St. Regis School. Gigabit Internet access is more than 160 times faster than Marian High School’s old Internet connection and 650 times faster than a T1, giving Marian High School faster Internet access than any other private school in Michigan.

The new Internet access is provisioned over privately owned fiber built by Waveform Technology. “This is as a pilot project for a larger community oriented construction schedule,” said Waveform Technology representative, Noel Montales.“Private schools don’t have access to the same purchasing power as public school districts. We want to see how we can help these schools overcome this and have access to the bandwidth they need in a cost-effective manner. Fifteen years ago we helped break the price barrier on T1 circuits, making Waveform Technology the first to provide always-on dedicated Internet access to private schools in Metro Detroit. We hope to do that again for extremely fast Internet access.”

Marian High School will use the faster Internet access to move to hosted solutions for both school management systems and educational resources. “This will allow us to access more state-of-the-art technology for schools,” said Mark Hallman, of Marian’s Technology department, “letting us explore video, simulations, and virtual educational technology opportunities.” Hallman also said he used to tell teachers to limit their Internet use in the class room for fear of bogging down the old connection, but now the access to additional bandwidth will allow more concurrent use of interactive resources.

This construction project is just one of several ongoing expansions to Waveform Technology’s fiber optic network.

About Waveform Technology LLC:
Waveform Technology is a privately held facilities-based Internet service provider and data center operator based in Troy, Michigan. Waveform Technology provides a wide range of data transport services to businesses, schools, and non-profits throughout southeast Michigan, using a 400 route mile fiber network. More information is available at http://www.michigan-bandwidth.com or by calling 248-784-7000.

About Marian High School:
Located in Bloomfield Hills, Marian is a Catholic college preparatory high school for young women sponsored by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The mission of Marian High School is to ensure an excellent education within a Christian environment, which will enable young women to value human diversity and live responsible lives of leadership and action based on gospel values.

Contact Details: 319 Executive Dr.
Troy, MI 48083



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