How to Create Calm in the Midst of Life's Busyness!


Released on: October 14, 2010, 8:48 am
Author: Kate Heartsong
Industry: Media

Denver, CO – Colorado native author Kate Heartsong’s empowering and life-changing book Deeply We Are One: An Experiential Discovery will officially launch on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010. Details are on

Deeply We Are One is expected to reach bestseller status on on October 19th, 2010 due to the highly anticipated success of this book launch. It has an Amazon 5 star rating and several endorsements, such as:

“Deeply We Are One is truly a life-changing book!” Rev. Arica King

“Wonderful, wonderful!!!!” Dr. Marjorie Staum

“Read Kate’s book to become the highest and best version of yourself!” Maria Russo

“Kate has created a delightful guide for living in union with life….” Dr. Deb Sandella

Several life-enhancing gifts are available to those purchasing Deeply We Are One on on October 19th, such as two of Kate’s soothing meditations, author Barbara Joye’s “Connecting with the Angelic Realm” and Innovative Parenting’s “Mini-Me Syndrome”. Visitors to will also have a chance to win autographed copies of Deeply We Are One.

Kate Heartsong is one of today’s newest international authors as well as a gifted speaker, empowering and inspiring many through her deep wisdom, life experiences and insightful understanding of people. She is also a humanitarian and peace promoter.

“With this October 19th launch, I’m so delighted that even more people will know of the readily available and simple tools they can easily use to feel better, create inner peace, and even understand the unity of life!” says the author. “We’re all craving ways to have inner calm and peace, and Deeply We Are One shows us how this is possible!”

For full details, go to or contact Kate Heartsong at 303-549-0546.

Contact Details: Kate Heartsong
PO Box 27323 Denver, CO 80227