Atkins Diet support community Atkins All The way has opened to a large community base

Released on = December 16, 2004, 4:09 pm

Press Release Author = Brian Zimmerman

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Atkins All The Way has launched last month and has already reached 330 members and growing in what was thought to be a dying fad.

Press Release Body = Atkins All The Way is an online community that was formed in mid-2004 that caters to the low-carb, and more specifically Atkins, dieter. In response to an inquiry about the immediate growing membership, site owner, Brian Zimmerman said, "As a community, we have all known each other for a few years, when shutdown, I was working on my own Web site and it opened just as the old site shut down. At this time, we are beginning to see some new people which
is very good because we have only been doing grass roots guerilla marketing." Mr. Zimmerman hopes to reach as many people with the truthful version of Atkins as he can, "There are media outlets and special interest groups (funded by PETA) out there that would like nothing better than for you to think steak and eggs and bacon
cheeseburgers is all we eat and villianize us and the work Dr. Atkins has done. We believe that most of the world misunderstands the Atkins Way of Eating because of
the way it's put out there by groups with their own agenda."
Zimmerman says that fruits, vegetables, and exercise are just three of the things that are allowed, and actually encouraged on Atkins, yet the unaware public is consistantly decieved."What really gets me is how someone eating an entire bag of Doritos in front of me while I eat a big chicken salad can have the nerve to tell me how unhealthy my diet is. And people wonder why we are the fattest nation in the world." Do you still wonder?

Atkins All The Way offers a forum for support, a gallery of current success stories, articles written by members and other articles linked from other high profile sites, low-carb recipes, a 24X7 Live Chat, encyclopedia of nutritional terms, and many experts offering insight on one of the most misunderstood diets. The site also offers an open-minded approach to Atkins in that it is known to be healthy in the long term and users believe that Atkins is a lifetime way of eating. The staff urges you to check out the site if you are interested in learning more about Atkins.

Atkins All The Way is not affiliated in any way with Atkins Nutritionals and does not act as such. Please see your doctor before starting Atkins, as with any diet, to ensure pre-existing conditions are not present.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Brian Zimmerman
125 Oak Street Basement
Weehawken, NJ 07086


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