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Released on: February 02, 2011, 12:59 pm
Author: Bernie Grohsman
Industry: Healthcare

The business of providing drug treatments to addicts has never been more competitive. In any given area, addicts and their loved ones have hundreds of options when it comes time to choose a drug treatment center. allows centers to stand out and secure more intakes. Listings in the comprehensive online directory reach more than 125,000 unique visitors – targeted visitors looking specifically for treatment – a month. A listing also improves the search-engine ranking of a center’s own website.

February 2011 – Gone are the days when a solid reputation and steady referrals could supply a drug treatment center with a sufficient number of clients. Now, thanks to a highly competitive marketplace, these centers must also employ Internet marketing to reach and help addicts in need. Online directory makes Internet marketing easy for the centers, with its free informational listings and pay featured listings.

Free listings on reach more than 125,000 unique visitors a month. These visitors are addicts themselves or loved ones looking for addiction intervention and treatment options. Featured listings, available for a monthly fee, run at the top of the category for the state in which the center is located and on every other page – more than 11,000 – of the directory. Both types of listings include a link to the center’s own website, and because of the high search-engine ranking of, this link relationship also serves to raise the center’s website in search engine results.

Signing up for a listing on can be done entirely online. A representative from the drug treatment center must join as a community member, then provide information about the drug treatments it provides and upload a photo. For featured listings, the representative pays the monthly fee of $525 through PayPal. Listings go live within a few hours. Featured listings run on a month-to-month basis, with the ability to cancel at any time. Banner advertising also is available on the directory. was created by recovering addict and Internet marketing expert Bernie Grohsman. In addition to listings, the directory offers online assessments and 24-hour phone assistance. There is also a community area on, in which addicts can ask questions and share information about providers of drug treatments and addiction intervention in forums and chat rooms. Use of the directory and the community area are free to all.

The directory allows other types of addiction treatment centers and professionals – therapists and addiction-recovery organizations – to post listings as well. Centers and professionals that provide treatment for alcoholism, eating disorders and sex, Internet and gambling addiction are all welcome and follow the same process as described above.

About and Bernie Grohsman: Being a recovering addict himself who lost his only brother to addiction, Bernie Grohsman created to help every drug treatment center possible reach addicts. For more information on the marketing benefits of, visit the website's advertising page or call (408) 210-4910. Addicts looking treatments and loved ones looking for addiction intervention can call (877) 335-4673.

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