Trade-in offered to all exposed RSA's SecureID customers



Released on: March 23, 2011, 12:18 pm
Author: Made4Biz Security Inc.
Industry: Financial, Software, Computers, Healthcare, Small Business

Made4Biz Security Inc . has announced today a trade-in plan for RSA's SecureID.

Each SecureID customer can switch their SecureID devices to IDentiWall while using their SecureID's past investments as credit against the IDentiWall license fee.

Such trade-in is guaranteed to be financially compelling and technically superior.

The innovative trade-in plan makes sure that switching customers enjoy:

SecureID users, who learned about RSA's failure to secure its own network, wonder if they can continue keeping their eggs in RSA's basket, or as one user put it, “working with questioned security provider, is similar to consciously getting an HIV-tainted blood infusion”.

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