Forget The Coins, Mugs And T-Shirts UIC Offers A Commemorative Royal Wedding Language Course



Released on: May 02, 2011, 10:27 am
Author: UIC London
Industry: Education

It did not take long from the royal wedding announcement in November last year for commemorative mugs to appear, coins to be issued and T-shirts to be printed. On 29 April, when Prince William lifts the veil to kiss Kate, who will reveal her hair to be worn down according to latest reports, several lucky English students will be rather pleased they chose to bypass the usual array of tawdry trinkets and book themselves on a commemorative royal-wedding-themed English language course at UIC instead. Once the mug is chipped, the T-shirt faded and the coin lost behind the sofa, the benefits of this innovative course will remain.

The language school announced this innovative General English course earlier this year in February, and it has proved extremely popular with language students wishing to study English in the UK. Its popularity proves once again the hold over foreign visitors’ imaginations the royal family continues to have.

The course is just one of many highly innovative approaches to language learning UIC offers. The school’s reputation for innovation and excellence in language teaching was recognised earlier this year by the British Council. In February it was announced that UIC’s Communication Station course had won a British Council’s prestigious ELTon award. The course allows students to make and broadcast their own radio show as a focus for their language learning.

The royal wedding course promises to be equally as innovative and motivating for students. The course will help language learners to improve their General English while learning about the British royal family’s history and weddings. From Henry VIII’s break from the Catholic Church to secure a divorce to the all-too-public collapse of Charles and Di’s marriage, the course will use newspapers, history books and multimedia resources to use the social and cultural history of the royals as a stimulus for English language development. Classroom-based learning will be mixed with visits to important royal sites such as St Paul’s, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and Hampton Court. For students wanting to study a royal-themed English course London is the only place to do it.

A wide range of specialist courses are now able to be offered by UIC. These include English for Aviation, Tourism, Catering, Fashion, and Hospitality. The school can now also arrange bespoke courses lasting from a few days to several weeks, and are able to fit in exactly with whatever requirements the group has.

For students studying at UIC London’s main tourist attractions are just a few minutes away. With Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square within walking distance of UIC, any students who really need a commemorative royal wedding mug should still be able to get one!

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