Tips on a People Search and Doctor Search

Released on = January 3, 2005, 5:42 am

Press Release Author = Hugo Gallegos

Industry = Healthcare

Press Release Summary = How much information can you get for free?

Search engines competition is at the highest level and constantly embedding new technologies into searches. The result? Better information for the consumer, and it’s only the beginning! Search engine technology is so precise (especially Google™) that conducting a doctor search or a people search can deliver googles of information.

Press Release Body = Depending on the type and quality of information you’re looking after, several different approaches can be used to perform your search.

A Doctor Search:
How can I find a Doctor?
1.Go to and type in the full name of a doctor (i.e. Dr. Jerome Garden), the city or state, and a specialty field. These keywords gives you a general idea if the doctor has been involved in communities, written publications, media, and so
2.Visit your state medical board and
find out if your medical board is one of the few who offer free doctor reports. Medical boards let you know if your (the) doctor has ever been disciplined in that particular state and give you doctor licensure status.
3.Next, check out the and the for proper board certification and organizational status.
4.Finally, visit the This organization is the governing board of all (MD) State Medical Boards. I highly recommend you visit “FSMB” if you are looking for doctor disciplinary action information, A report will cost you $9.95
each. Depending on what your doctor’s specialty, its always good if they belong to a medical society, for example, a pediatrician might belong to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Keep in mind, a doctor could belong to many society organizations.

A People Search:
How can I find a Person?
Like a doctor search, if you want detailed information, it will cost you. However, here are others ways to conduct a free people search:
1.Go to and type in the first and last name (i.e. Hugo Gallegos), city, state, profession, business, and so on.
3.Many other sites exist where you can find information. However, most information comes from the same databases with different companies conducting the actual search.

A Background Check:
Can I do Free Background Checks?
Yes, you can. The question is will you be successful in finding the information you want?

Bottom line:
Most consumers prefer quality information and will pay for it. Therefore, before you pay for information, it’s essential to find out what type of searches the company specializes in. Also, browse the site map on their web site to find the FAQs, testimonials, and contact information. If the company discloses very little
information about themselves, start looking elsewhere. which provides Top Doctor credential information to consumers, and helps consumers select the best quality providers of medical care. Get your very own virtual top doctor consultant by visiting

Web Site =

Contact Details = MD Nationwide Inc
426 NE Cedar St
Camas, WA 98607
877 242-8556


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