Leading Route Car's Heathrow Taxi Driver Given £135 Tip



Released on: December 06, 2011, 7:08 am
Author: Clickwork Media
Industry: Travel

When it comes to delivering excellent service, sometimes there’s no limit to the amount your customers are willing to pay. A taxi driver working for one of the leading Heathrow taxi services, Leading Route Cars, received an unexpected 135 tip from a young Australian couple he picked up by taxi from Heathrow Airport.

The couple had got into the cab after a long flight, and after checking their luggage had realised that they had in fact picked up the wrong bag. Upon notifying the taxi driver, the young couple were driven back to the Heathrow terminal they were picked up from, free of charge, to reclaim their luggage.

Upon arriving at the terminal, the couple requested that the taxi driver wait for them to pick up the luggage, and then drive them to Central London – waiting for another taxi would further prolong their journey when really, all they wanted to do was get to their hotel and rest. The taxi driver agreed, and waited around without levying any further charges than otherwise can be considered reasonable.

However, the Leading Route Car’s taxi driver went a step further, yet again. Not only did he drive them back to the terminal, but he took it upon himself to negotiate with the airport staff and after various ID checks were made, he helped the couple relocate their “lost” luggage.

In the forthcoming month, and after returning to London, the couple again contacted Leading Route Cars and made a special request to be driven by the driver who was so helpful the previous month. The request was granted and the couple went onto make many more journeys with Leading Route Cars throughout the month.

Finally, a few weeks later the couple requested another journey with the same driver and this time he made the trip to a location he had become very familiar with – the couple’s family home in London. The couple asked to be taken back to Heathrow Airport and, upon arrival, and due to the excellent service offered by the driver, one of the couple left him a few extra notes in his hand.

The driver wished the couple a happy journey and set about on his way. Only a short while later did he realise the extent of his “tip” - £135 for a very professional service which delivered well above expectations.

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