Small Businesses Increase Earnings With Virtual Coach Program; Trilojee’s money, marketing and best-team strategy goes beyond standard tips

Northvale, N.J., November 24, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Trilojee, software for small business offering dynamic money, marketing and best team advice, launches today. The program gives resource-strapped business owners the best chance to thrive and continue doing what they love. “There is a real need for small entrepreneurs to build a sustainable business, but they don’t always have the means or experience,” said Founder Nick D’Alessandro, a small business strategist and former sales rep. “Trilojee evolved out of desire to give these entrepreneurs access to the critical components that drive earnings.”

According to the U.S Department of Commerce, there are approximately 22 million non-employer small businesses, with over 65% percent of them reporting revenues below $25,000. The majority of these owners are trying to create a sustainable business on their own and with limited resources. “We created a program for these entrepreneurs that would be easy, motivational and foster valuable decision-making,” said D’Alessandro. “Our vision is to help them increase earnings and create sustainable businesses as fast as possible so they can preserve their money and keep doing what they love to do.”

Trilojee’s three-pronged approach guides small business owners through:

• Money. The software program takes users through a process of identifying the business’ current income potential and learning how to achieve higher earnings.

• Marketing. Trilojee helps entrepreneurs create demand and awareness opportunities.

• Best team. The software clarifies the role in which the entrepreneur is most productive, and what people or resources business owners may need to achieve their income goals.

The intuitive help center guides users through each step of the Trilojee program using text and video instructions. “The process isn’t threatening or overwhelming,” said D’Alessandro. “We intentionally created an experience so that people could focus on their product or service – not on creating plans.” Trilojee lets new and existing businesses periodically adjust their plans and review their updated guidance as the business evolves.

About Trilojee: Trilojee helps business owners test ideas, maximize earnings and accelerate growth. The virtual coach program guides entrepreneurs through money, marketing and best team strategies to ensure the business is sustainable and profitable.


Contact-Details: Nick D’Alessandro

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