Admediary Launches New Technology to Acquire Home Service & Solar Leads

Valencia, CA, November 30, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Bill Wilson & Admediary announced the release of their new intelligent technology to aid in their marketing efforts, leading to some impressive results. Initially the performance network sought after big brand advertisers promising the type of traffic that produces maximum profits. But the tables have turned; now these big brands are seeking them because they’ve kept their promises and then some.

The home improvement industry in particular has boosted their customer acquisition efforts by leaning on Admediary to generate their most qualified leads. The founders of Admediary have decades of online and offline marketing experience, thereby generating some long lasting partnerships. These partners have come through to help generate high quality leads for their home service advertiser. Add that to their proprietary technology, and you have consumers being targeted with new and innovative methods the online marketing industry has never utilized before.

Admediary is quickly becoming a brand of their own, especially through their sites such as and Consumers are being acquired for solar energy installers, Home Security providers, Satellite TV services, as well as home insurance and home warranty. And many more services are being added.

Admediary’s founder Bill Wilson says, “When it comes to marketing it’s about thinking outside the box.” Bill always sees the missing piece to the puzzle that so many other CEO’s and founders have looked over. “It’s not about doing what everyone else is doing, it’s about doing what no one else has done before” exclaims Bill. It’s this type of thinking that has led Admediary to the success they have achieved today. It is an exciting time for Admediary, as the opportunities at this point are seemingly endless. But it is not just pure luck, as there is a strategic combination of technology and media at play, which equates to first rate monetization.

The future is looking bright for Admediary and their team. They have found a lucrative consumer segment and are diving deeper into it each day. The sharp minds at Admediary, combined with their efficient technology, is helping them become a true force in online marketing.

Contact-Details: 27943 Smyth Drive Suite 103 Valencia, CA 91355

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