A new and different type of electric bike has been introduced to the market, introducing the eFixie

Redondo Beach, CA, December 9, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — This bike is different because of its light weight, quality, and affordable price. Most electric bikes on the market are twice the weight, some costing many thousands of dollars.

The problem with electric bikes is that when the battery is dead all you have is a heavy bike to ride. The problem is weight, and the inferiority almost all other electric bikes are based on.

The dynamic is for more, more power, more weight, more bulk, maybe what we really want is less; a light weight bike does not need a lot of power to have excellent performance, and is a lot more fun to ride than a heavy bike. We have all seen the “cheapest” and the “fastest” bikes, but a legal bike has to conform to the laws, so the speed is the same.

We have all seen articles touting the cheapest electric bike (or any other product) but often we find that item winds up at the back of the garage as a major disappointment. Do you really want the cheapest electric bike? You really want a quality bike that will last, at an affordable price.

The fixie bike is a simple, clean, and inexpensive bike that is favored by messenger delivery services and urban riders. Why not combine this simplicity and the electric bike? Introducing the eFixie Electric Bike.
The Electric Fixie (eFixie) is a light weight, all aluminum bike of high quality and the simplicity makes it an inexpensive bike. A Fixie bike has absolutely no frills, and we are faithful to that style. Our bike is as simple as possible. And, it is a lot of fun to ride!

Now we need your help, we just launched our Kickstarter campaign. Check it out!


Contact-Details: Desh Weragoda, desh@cotua.com, (310)738-4726


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