BIONX: The Self-Cooling Bio-Inspired Drone

San Jose, California, December 11, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ — VAIRDOTM has developed a technique and automated cooling technology for Multi-Rotors using basic physics principles and construction using first principles.

VAIRDO’s BIONXTM, powered by it’s BrainBoxTM Technology is the world’s first self-cooled micro Drone.

Reason for the innovation

Current closed electronic and mechatronic systems often suffer from overheating of electric and mechatronic components, leading to need for additional cooling elements like heat-sinks, cooling fans, liquid cooling and more components causing weight increase and/or drag to objects moving through air.

Description of the invention

1. The Venturi effect creates a net flow through a pipe with an opening across which a fluid is moving, the application is very useful in cooling flying vehicles or products which encounter airflow around them in normal operation (such as fans, cars, etc.) with closed bodies which house motors, electronics and heat generating parts. If constructed correctly, a network of holes on the skin of a flying vehicle or part/product interfacing with airflow could induce airflow through the body of the vehicle, or part/product, creating a cooling effect within the closed system or part, allowing for closer-constructed electronics without requiring bulky, heavy cooling apparatus or add-ons which either increase weight or add drag to the overall system in air, not to mention increased Bill of Materials (BOM) and cost.

High / Low pressure zones for the BIONX Quad-copter with tailored Body, Winglets and housings to maximize air-flow and circulation

Central Cooling and Air circulation through the patented and unique body design of the BIONX is the key in creating the most organic and natural, bio-inspired cooling solutions for light weight body designs especially seen on Air Vehicles and Micro Drones.

Air Inlet at low overall temperature and low pressure zone on the BIONX.

Contact-Details: (800)-934-3554

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