Energy Company Numbers Celebrates First Anniversary of Connecting Customers to ‘Big Six’

New York, December 30, 2015 — /EPR NETWORK/ —  Energy Company Numbers Celebrates First Anniversary of Connecting Customers to ‘Big Six’

Energy Company Numbers, the simple, user-friendly number directory for energy companies, is celebrating its first anniversary this week. The milestone represents twelve months of helping frustrated customers reach a representative from the ‘Big Six’ whenever they have a problem with their energy.

Energy providers are notoriously hard to get hold of. There are often complicated phone rerouting systems and complex menus for customers to navigate before they’re inevitably put on hold to talk to a representative. These reps are often working for external customer service companies, sometimes overseas, with no real knowledge of the account in question, driving many customers to distraction as they try to get simple answers to their issues.

Energy Company Numbers was designed to put a stop to all of that, compiling a thorough directory of numbers that customers can call and immediately be put through to someone that works for the company in question – no nonsense call queues or complicated menus; just straightforward customer service.

Emma Blackstone, founder of Energy Company Numbers, says, “We’re thrilled to be celebrating our first anniversary this week. The site has gone from strength to strength since we launched this time last year, which shows just how far the energy companies have to go in creating a customer service proposition that works for the public!

“We’ve added many numbers to our service over the last year and will continue to provide concrete ways for our customers to speak directly to a company when they have a problem. We’ll also be launching a sister site next year, providing customer service numbers for all brands and companies, not just energy providers – so customers of all companies can say goodbye to time-wasting live chat widgets, endless time listening to hold music and support tickets that seem to go unnoticed.”

Whether it’s their captive audience or the fact that they simply don’t have the resources to deal with so many customer calls, the so-called ‘Big Six’ energy companies are far and away the worst offenders when it comes to poor customer service. Scottish Power ranks among the very worst. The average wait time for a customer is more than thirty minutes, and they have the lowest customer satisfaction scores of any of the big energy providers.

nPower comes in second, collecting 400 complaints per 100,000 customers, and ranking 18th out of the 19 main energy suppliers, as voted by the public. Not far behind is EDF which, despite making efforts to improve their customer service, still receives over 100 complaints per 100,000 customers. Back in 2012, EDF was fined more than £3m for its inability to deal with complaints effectively, and the firm will need to go a long way before consumer confidence is restored.

For more information about Energy Company Numbers, or to lookup a number in the directory, visit the website:


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Contact: Rebecca Appleton
Tel UK: +44 (0)1623 428996
Tel US: 1 917-720-3025


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