ProgeSOFT SA unveils 3D PDF Maker for AutoCAD®, the new solution producing interactive 3D PDF documentation

Chiasso, Switzerland, February 16, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — The ProgeSOFT SA company is proud to unveil its new product, 3D PDF Maker for AutoCAD®, a software application employing the exclusive technology for creation of PDF documentation with embedded interactive 3D models. Interacting with AutoCAD® or AutoCAD® LT installed on the user’s PC, 3D PDF Maker allows to produce in a quick and easy way leaflets, brochures, technical manuals, assembly instructions, presentations, product sheets and other commercial and technical documents. And no specific knowledge in 3D modelling is required. Shortly 3D PDF Maker is going to be available even for SolidWorks®, SolidEdge®, Revit®, Inventor®, PTC Creo®, Catia®, SketchUP® and for DWG/DXF-compatible CAD programs such as progeCAD®, BricsCAD®, ZwCAD® and DraftSight®.

3D PDF Maker enables to create 3D PDF files with text, graphics and interactive links as well as the embedded 3D models generated from the AutoCAD® program or taken directly from the earlier saved DWG and DXF drawing files. The recipient will be able to display and edit the project by simply using Adobe Reader/Acrobat Reader DC, free and widely-spread software.

The embedded 3D model can be easily manipulated by the user, who can freely rotate or zoom it, hide or display model parts, save its cross-sections, views, dimensions and 3D comments. Furthermore, handling a project one may alter rendering and lighting modes so as to create 3D Views fitting best the PDF document. The standard PDF file format ensures the project safety allowing its free circulation and management thanks to the protected file, while the possibility of a quick and easy access to 3D PDF documentation makes project approval by far the quicker process. The recipient of the PDF document is able to appreciate a 3D model following the navigation sequence, views and slideshows set by the creator of the document, but will not get access to the project sensitive data which are not stored in the PDF file. Click here to learn more about 3D PDF Maker for AutoCAD®.

3D PDF technology is not only a solution for project realistic presentations, but also the tool that allows companies to present products technical information at its best in leaflets, catalogues, costs estimates and interactive manuals. 3D PDF representation is highly efficient to present interior furnishing, mechanical components, spare parts and, in general, industrial equipment that require accurate detailed description of their constituent parts in order to give a comprehensive insight into the project. Including an interactive 3D model in the costs estimate for interior furnishing or industrial plant and equipment supply, the sales specialist maximises its efficiency, adding clarity and producing a strong visual impact on the client. The idea and structure of a project are grasped quicker and with greater precision by the client, giving a good chance to appreciate even the project quality. The maintenance and service guide along with the product documentation definitely become more intelligible for the user thanks to the 3D PDF technology whereby the producer may increase the value of a product and reduce Customer assistance requests. The field of application of 3D PDF technology is vast, clicking here discover several interesting instances.

The YouTube official channel for 3D PDF Maker for AutoCAD® with video and guided tutorials is set to help get started with the program. To download a trial version of 3D PDF Maker for AutoCAD® for a free 30-day evaluation period, please click here.

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ProgeSOFT SA is a private software company specializing in CAD solutions. The company has been operating for more than 20 years offering applications for construction, architectural and mechanical sectors.

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