Adwalnut, a SAAS based performance marketing application introduces Server to Server Cookie-less Tracking Solution

New York, February 26, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Adwalnut, a SAAS based Performance Marketing Application is changing the concept of business through superior technology. Adwalnut has gone through an enormous transformation which has compelled a change in the way advertisers engage with customers. Adwalnut is leveraged to create your own performance Ad network. It is an entirely customizable application platform for managing campaigns, advertisers, affiliates, offers, pay-in, payouts and more at a highly detailed level in real time.

As technology continues to develop, ad networkers are leaving cookies behind and turning to Server to Server cookie-less tracking technology. Server to Server conversion tracking does not rely on cookies, this is because cookies can be cleared, expired or never stored on the user’s browser to begin with. An advantage of Server to Server technology is accurateness. Post-back tracking is generally the best option for implementing highly accurate tracking solution. While post back URL is fired from the web server directly, that will help to reduce the potential of affiliate fraud. Adwalnut is led by a passionate team of industry oriented technologists who want to make it easier for networkers, advertisers and affiliates by adding Server to Server Cookie-less Tracking Solution. This technology makes it possible for ad networks as well as advertisers to more accurately measure the success of their marketing campaigns and ensures exact publishers are rewarded for all of the traffics they are generated. By adding this clients are able to track their traffic on any cookie or cookie-less device. Server-to-Server tracking improves the overall trustworthiness of performance marketing. To get a free demo of our application please sign up in less than 30 seconds.

Adwalnut’s Server to Server Cookie-less tracking solution is complete, accurate and reliable — ensuring the best results for our clients. For more details about us or our product please visit

Contact-Details: Arnab Dutta

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