Runners Stand to Improve Their Performance With Zestwear’s New Graduated Compression Calf Sleeves

San Francisco, California, March 22, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — New personal bests are in reach of US runners and triathletes this spring, with a little help from ZestWear’s calf compression sleeves, newly launched on

Compression calf sleeves help to minimise leg pain, swelling and shin splints, by actively encouraging deoxygenated blood to flow back to the heart. For many years they have been used by elite athletes to not only prevent injuries and swelling, but to aid a faster recovery both during and after exercise – thereby improving performance.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, the ZestWear team have opted for medical grade compression in their new product, with each sleeve delivering 25 mmhg of compression at the ankle, and 20mmhg at the top of the calf. This sets up a pressure gradient which boosts circulation and reduces inflammation and swelling.

20 – 25 mmhg of graduated compression means that ZestWear’s leg sleeves not only assist runners and athletes with calf cramps, shin splints and leg and ankle swelling. They also provide symptomatic relief for various medical conditions including restless leg syndrome, edema, deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins (venous insufficiency).

Various research studies have shown the benefits of compression wear on athletes over the last few years. A 2009 study by Wolfgang Kemmler et al demonstrated that knee high compression wear “significantly improved running performance at different metabolic thresholds”. A separate 2014 study by Rider et al also demonstrated a lower blood lactate level for athletes wearing compression socks.

Designed by runners for runners, the ZestWear team have opted for a seamless product which reduces chafing and increases comfort. The moisture wicking, breathable fabric is made up of 80% nylon and 20% spandex which ensures they hold their shape over time and through multiple machine washes. The sleeves’ antimicrobial action means smells don’t stick around.

Outdoor Adventure Gal blogger Trudy, who trialled the ZestWear Compression Calf Sleeves during a recent hike said: “I like my compression sleeves to have a tight enough fit to actually provide a good compression but not so tight that they’re uncomfortable. These sleeves are perfect for my biggest requirement. I’ve never tried graduated compression sleeves – I like these better. They have more compression around the ankle which is really where I need it most to help combat swelling during hikes.”

ZestWear’s compression calf sleeves are available in a Medium or Large size and currently only in black, although other colors are in production. The calf sleeves come in an attractive box making them the perfect gift for an active friend or family member.

Available now on Amazon, interested customers can make use of a 10% discount by quoting the voucher code WNKWEUVR at check out.

About Your Company: ZestWear compression calf sleeves are brought to you by Darnley Enterprises, a new manufacturer creating cutting edge sportswear for the discerning athlete.

For more information, please contact Team ZestWear: Samantha Brown,,

Contact-Details: For more information, please contact Team ZestWear: Samantha Brown,,

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