New Book by Georgia Pastor Instills Good Bible Study Habits

Atlanta, GA,March 31, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — A Middle School Youth Pastor in Atlanta, GA, recently published a book on the inductive method of Bible study to instill good Bible study habits.

Henry Jackson III, who calls himself a bondservant of Jesus Christ, published Stop Reading, Start Studying: Inductive Bible Study Method Explained in December 2015. The book encourages readers to discover biblical truth on their own.

“By embracing a few simple techniques explained in the book and committing to be a student of the Word, anyone can make the transformation from simply reading the Word of God to allowing the Bible to completely change their life,” said Henry Jackson III.

Jackson’s book explains the inductive method of Bible study, developed by Wilbert Webster White (1863 – 1944). White’s techniques stress acquiring knowledge of the Bible rather than knowledge about the Bible and have been successfully used by students since the 1920s.

A student using the inductive methods starts with observation (reading), moves on to interpretation (comprehension) and ends with application (adoption of the Biblical principles in one’s daily life). Jackson’s book explains each stage of the process clearly, which is proving popular among readers.

“The author includes a great list of resources and tools, such as Bible concordances, dictionaries, pens, and even an app!,” wrote Lena Irish on Goodreads. “This book far exceeded my expectations and I recommend it as a great read and reference tool for those who want to get more out of their study of the Bible.”

Lena is not the only one impressed. Readers on Amazon have equally good things to say about the book.

“Literally an answer to my heart’s desire,” wrote a reader. “I am one of those people that find it challenging to just ‘read’ the Bible. I need something to ‘study.’ That’s what this book does for me.”

In the writer’s own words, “This is the book for you if you  desire to get in the Word and want to know God more intimately.”

Those interested can buy Stop Reading, Start Studying as a paperback, an electronic book or an audiobook from Amazon. A portion of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America, Inc.

About the Author
Henry Jackson III, a bondservant of Jesus Christ, serves as the Middle School Youth Pastor and at Elizabeth Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA. He is also the founder of Inductive Bible Study LLC, an organization that empowers individuals to grow in their faith by enabling them to study the Bible inductively using their favorite mobile device.

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