Vedra Games has launched today its Kickstarter campaign for the strategy wargame CSW INVASION

Granada, Spain, April 4, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Vedra Games has released their CSW INVASION KIcstarter. Solid game mechanics and stunning figures come together in this ground breaking tactical wargame.

Here is a link to the Kickstarter campaign:

Vedra Games facebook page:
The campaign will have a duration of 21 days, and an initial goal of 35.000€. The objective is to publish a two player starter box, with the following contents:

Two complete armies
Union of Terra and Heimdall Industries (up to 36, 18mm figures)
40 Markers (Cardboard),
30 Health pegs in3 colours (yellow, orange, red)
7 Dice
One Cardstock Ruler
One Starter Terrain Kit (5 buildings and 9 walls, in foldable cardstock)
48 page Rulebook
2 Kickstarter exclusive models:
Heimdall Agent
Destroyed Hunter Scenery
ALL Stretch Goals achieved.
Only between 500 and 3000 units will be produced, so there will be a limited number of contributions available. Excepting the donation option, there are two contribution levels, that are identical in content. They will both have access to the starter box, the exclusive material and ALL unlocked stretch goals. The difference between them is the price, since 450 units will be offered at the Early Bird price (80€). Estimated delivery is December 2016.
The campaign´s stretch goals are many and varied, including tanks, aircrafts, turrets, bipods and robots, but also resin markers in assorted colours and customized dice.

The great advantage of contributing to the Kickstarter will of course be the access to all stretch goals for the initial price, but also its exclusive content, and a special UM ruler design for backers.

The quick guide is published in its Beta version so backers can start digging into the mechanics of the game, but we can advance that players will find massive battles at the tip of their fingers with a very low learning curve. On the other hand, advanced rules will give veteran players all the complexity they ask for in a strategy game.

This Kickstarter offers great value, and a very good opportunity to enjoy this solid game system adapted to a wargame with spectacular miniatures.

Don´t miss out!
Contact-Details: Africca Mir,

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