Soul Insole Launches New Micro-Sized Insole

San Diego, California, April 5, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Soul Insole today introduced a revolutionary insole design that opens doors to a new kind of protection for your feet.

“It’s so simple and functional, it’s crazy that no other company has done this before,” said Leslie Monagle, Physical Therapist. “I can’t wait to share this with my clients that have plantar fasciitis.”

This insole actually gets to the root of most foot ailments and protects the arch from collapsing. It also relieves pressure from your heel and your forefoot. The most unique aspect of this insole is its small size, allowing extreme versatility.

“We are thrilled to finally be able to share this much needed solution with those in need,” said Laina Gossman, the owner of Soul Insole.

Most of the current orthotics on the market extend under the heel and forefoot, crowding the shoe and causing the heel to slip out of the back. The Soul Insole can provide support in even the most narrow fitting shoes ie:ballet flats, pumps, soccer shoes, riding boots and more.

Just in time for this warm El Nino weather, the Soul Insole even works for sandals and flip flops.

Soul Insole has already proven its superb quality in design and will initially be offered through 2 well known insole distributors: Burten Distribution and Miami Leather Co. as well as 20 stores & doctors offices nationwide including Foot Solutions, The Active Foot Store, J. Stevens, Fred’s Shoe Repair, Abundant Life Chiropractic and more. They are currently seeking distributors in the cycling, dance and skate market.

Soul Insole is redefining the future of foot comfort. Starting today customers no longer have to sacrifice style for all-day comfort. With Soul Insole, they can transform their daily fashionable shoes into comfortable, supportive shoes.

Contact-Details: Laina Gossman


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