Columbia, SC Cab Driver Becomes Hot New YouTube Sensation With Song “Warm It Up (Twerk)”

New York, April 20, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — A cab driver with a hot new song inspiring women to dance across the country – and beyond – quickly approaching a million views on YouTube in just over a month? It sounds improbable, but it’s true, and a true American success story in the form of J.Juice, from a Dominican immigrant family who maintains deep ties to the Dominican community, a US Army veteran, who went on to get a marketing degree, drive a cab and finally own his own cab company. By all accounts the man who has accomplished all this, J.Juice, has much to be proud of, but that’s not all. Now J.Juice has a viral hit on YouTube, a high energy rap song “Warm It Up (Twerk) ft. Mr. Flip Eastwood”, that’s inspiring something of a rebirth to the “twerking” dance craze, and there’s no signs of interest slowing down. Expertly using his marketing skills to promote the song by posting videos of girls and celebrities twerking with his song in the background on Instagram, Vine and Facebook with the #warmitup, #jjuice and #twerk hash tags used to help followers jump in on the trend. With each view more people found the official video on YouTube, some made videos of twerking themselves, and the end result is J. Juice being favorably compared to PSY of Gangnam fame and Baauer’s viral sensation “Harlem Shake”.

“On October 31 2015, our video was filmed by Sean DiMaria and directed by myself on Halloween night here in Columbia, South Carolina,” commented J.Juice who directed the video under his other artist name Johnny B Good. “It was difficult directing my own video but fun at the same time, our idea was to perform in a public place where colleges students like to party and maybe they would join in the video. The idea worked, the people heard the song for the first time and started twerking and dancing. It was huge fun and clearly people love the end results – the great video for ‘Warm It Up (Twerk) ft. Mr. Flip Eastwood’.”

According to the artist, the inspiration to the song came in a quite interesting way. While working one Saturday night in downtown Columbia SC, driving his cab, J.Juice picked up the two colleges girls that went on to inspire the song “Warm It Up (Twerk)”.

J.Juice remarked, “I used to played mixes from popular artists like Drake, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Lil Wayne in my cab, Like Amber Rose and Blac Chyna twerked in a cab before, these two very hot college girls twerked (and a little bit more) on the way to the strip club. That set off a light bulb in my head. After I dropped them off, I went home at around 3 am and went straight to my recording studio. By 6 am I had finished with the beat and the song “Warm It Up (Twerk)” was born. I went on to contact the man who I feel is the best rapper in SC, Mr. Flip Eastwood, to get on the track with me and the rest is history.”

The song will be the first single from his upcoming mixtape “Money Juice Mixtape” coming in 2016. The song will also appear in Johnny B Good’s short film Mr. No Eye, which is also set to premier in 2016. The video can be seen at

J.Juice aka Johnny B Good is the CEO of Money Juice Entertainment. For more information contact him at j_juice62(at)yahoo(dot)com or moneyjuiceent(at)gmail(dot)com. Follow J.Juice at Fb: @jjuice2011 Instagram: @johnnybgood69 and Twitter: @johnnybgood2010. The song is available on iTunes: Spotify: Amazon:
Contact-Details: 646.385.7354 Ext. 254

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