Announcing Nevron Vision for .NET 2016.1

Wilmington, Delaware, April 25, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Nevron Vision for .NET 2016.1 comes with a major upgrade of Nevron Chart for .NET and Nevron Map for .NET, as well as many improvements in Nevron UI for .NET. Adding several new charting types, palette filling for the area, bar, float bar, high low and smooth area series, table scale and many more features and improvements is making it the absolute ultimate choice for creating advanced dashboards for WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET and MVC applications.

Following is a list of the most important updates in Nevron Chart for .NET:

Polar Range Series
The Polar Range series displays ranges in a polar coordinate system. Each range is specified by its begin and end values and its begin and end angle.

Polar Vector Series
The Polar Vector series displays vectors in a polar coordinate system. Each vector is specified by its begin and end values and its begin and end angle.

Quick Point Series
The Quick Point series can display massive amounts of data – it has a reduced features set compared the standard Point Series, however it is much faster in both 2D and 3D.

Palette Filling for Area, Bar, Float Bar, High Low and Smooth Area series
The Area, Bar, Float Bar, High Low and Smooth Area Series now can have their filling specified as a user defined color / value palette. This feature is supported in both 2D and 3D charts.

Table Scale
The Table Scale is a new type of scale that allows the visualization of tables attached to chart axes. This feature is commonly used to annotate the X axis of categorical stacked or cluster charts.

Graphics Path Series
The Graphics Path Series displays can display an arbitrary figure defined by lines and bezier segments.

Radar Axis Custom Angle
The Radar Axis Anchors has been extended to allow custom angle position for the radar axis.

Some additional improvements of Nevron Chart for .NET
The new version comes with many improvements such as better WPF integration, speed improvement in the Triangulated Surface series, extension of the Heat Map functionalities for rendering of contour lines and an additional ability to get the xy values for Kagi, Renko and Three Line Break charts.

Timer Clock Mode
Analog and digital clocks support a new mode called “Timer” that allows for the display of time spans (not only date time).

Some of the major updates and improvements of Nevron Map for .NET
(Part of Nevron Diagram for .NET):
– Refined and improved API for working with maps, map data and ESRI shapefiles;
– Improved rendering of map arcs (i.e. parallels and meridians);
– Additional properties for configuring the appearance of map arcs and their labels;
– Improved rendering of map labels;
– Ability to change the appearance of the map labels without reimporting the map;
– Improved polygon labelling algorithm, which results in nicer labeling of map polygon features like countries, states, lakes, etc.;
– Ability to choose the method to use for polygon labeling, the options being: BoundsCenter, Centroid and Optimal;
– Improved Orthographic map projection;
– Improved map data binding API.

60 days fully functional evaluation
The best way to understand the power of Nevron Vision for .NET is to test it. This is why we provide a fully functional 60 days free evaluation with no obligations whatsoever.

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Contact-Details: Nina Alexander

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