Gill Rock Drill Company Proves Manufacturing Is Alive & Well In The USA

Lebanon, PA, 2016-May-27 — /EPR Network/ — It’s no secret that the manufacturing industry has been in decline for quite some time, but these days, many companies find it cheaper to import goods built outside of the U.S.

rotary drill pipe

The good news is that businesses are increasingly turning to American manufacturing. They want assurances that the products they buy are 100% fit for purpose. Quality is a primary selling point when buying any goods these days and there is an increasing trend where consumers want to use American-made items.

It’s often hard to scrutinize the quality of mass-produced items manufactured abroad, but when goods get produced in a domestic factory, the task is easier. With those points in mind, more firms are now setting up manufacturing facilities in the U.S.

The Gill Rock Drill company is one firm that has proved manufacturing in the United States is alive and well. Since 1915, they have specialized in making rotary drill pipe products and drills.

The secrets to Gill Rock Drill Company’s success

As an American firm, how does Gill Rock Drill build and sell their products while still making a profit? It turns out the “secrets” are more to do with basic qualities all businesses should have!

The consumer-driven world that we live in often demands high-quality goods at low prices. To meet those demands, many of Gill Rock Drill’s competitors outsource to firms overseas. The problem with that approach is one has no control over manufacturing or quality. As a result, high failure rates become commonplace.

Let’s face it. Price is a big issue for consumers. Most buyers would prefer to pay a little extra for a high-quality product. Why not purchase a premium and long-lasting product from Gill Rock Drill Company, instead of wasting money having to replace cheaper ones time and time again? Another reason why Gill Rock Drill is so successful is its approach to customer service. The company is a family-owned and operated business. With over a century of experience, they have become a leading brand in the marketplace.

Full range of products under one roof

They offer a one-stop shop service that makes life easier for their customers. The Gill Rock Drill Company manufactures its own drilling machine, the Gill Beetle. Plus, they have a full line of drills for sale that can get customized for any drilling application.

Other products they can supply include:

* Drill steel;
* Casing;
* Adaptors;
* Hammers and bits; and
* Air compressors.

If needed, Gill Rock Drill can also provide service trucks and bespoke drilling products.

About the Gill Rock Drill Company

Gill Rock Drill Company, in Lebanon, PA, has been a supplier of rotary drill pipes, tools, and accessories since 1915. They sell products for any type of drilling operation. Examples include rock quarry drilling, construction drilling, and geothermal drilling.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Debbie Gill
Company: Gill Rock Drill Company
Address: 903-905 Cornwall Rd
Lebanon, PA, United States, 17042
Phone: +1 (717) 272-3861
Email Id:

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