DS3 Media Launches Brand New Broadband Providers Comparison Site for Ireland

Dublin, Ireland, 2016-Jun-15 — /EPR Network/ — In today’s digital age, there is a heavy reliance on Internet services. The Web allows people to communicate easier with each other. Plus, it offers all kinds of possibilities from e-commerce to online gaming. To use such services, it is vital that one has a fast, reliable and continuous Internet service.

Broadband Providers

It’s no secret that Ireland has some of the fastest broadband connections in Europe. And that’s thanks to years of infrastructure upgrades and billions of Euros in investments.

But, there is one downside to this story: choice! Consumers in Ireland have plenty of options available when it comes to home broadband. So, how can people select the right provider for their needs?

One digital brand in Ireland is helping consumers to solve that problem with ease. DS3 Media has created a new broadband providers comparison website. The free site allows people to make informed choices about their future broadband selections.

The best broadband deals at low prices

DS3 Media built the site with one goal in mind. They wanted to make it easy for people in Ireland to find the right broadband and phone deals. Upon visiting the site, consumers are greeted with a selection of mouthwatering offers.

Unlike other comparison sites, broadbandproviders.ie only displays deals from the best broadband providers in Ireland. When selecting a new broadband and phone package, or even just broadband only, one must be certain of a good service.

The majority of providers require subscribers to agree to a minimum fixed contract. The last thing consumers want to do is sign up to a provider that offers poor performance! The beauty of using broadband providers. ie is that only the leading providers get shown. By sticking to this simple formula, the site helps instil consumer confidence.

The facts laid bare

A welcome boon of broadbandproviders.ie is how only the facts get shown on the site. There aren’t any pages full of marketing terms. Visitors only learn about the benefits and facts associated with each service.

Each provider shown on the website will have a selection of packages on offer. The broadbandproviders.ie site shows people exactly what they are getting for their money.

Easy package selection

Once visitors decide on the service that best meets their needs, they will find it easy to select it. All they have to do is fill in a simple form to request a callback. Once that happens, consumers can go through the details of what they need. Last, but not least, they can then arrange for their new connections.

About Broadbandproviders.ie:

broadbandproviders.ie is Ireland’s newest broadband and phone package comparison website. It offers consumers the chance to browse and compare from several top providers. Examples include Eir, Pure Telecom, Europasat, and more!

For more information, contact:
Luke Rafferty
DS3 Media
Unit E2 Nutgrove Office Park
Dublin 14
Tel: +353 (0)1 234 1982
Email: pr1@broadbandproviders.ie
Website: http://www.broadbandproviders.ie

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