Aldora introduces: The BEAST COLLECTION. Wear your favorite animals and save them at the same time!

Beast Collection Ad by Aldora Beast Collection Ad by Aldora


RIVERSIDE, United States, 2016-Jul-06 — /EPR Network/ — ALDORA is a brand new fashion accessories boutique featuring specialty collections of handmade accessories for men and women, and fashion jewelry. Founded by  27 yALDORA full logo for ALDORAear old Charlene (Charla Bee) Brynhurst.

“My first days in the fashion accessories business were spent standing in a hot abandoned parking lot with a few jewelry pieces set up on milk crates, a table cloth, and a cardboard sign. When I wasn’t getting shooed away by code enforcement, I was on the bus walking the college campus dragging my little rolling suitcase of jewelry behind me. I was broke, times were hard, but I was determined to be successful.”—Charla Bee


Her latest collection, The BEAST COLLECTION, is a project that has been in the works for over a year.


Endangered South China Tiger (Image from

There are thousands of endangered animals at risk of becoming extinct. Their survival is threatened by a number of factors including destruction of habitat, pollution, over-hunting and fishing, and illegal trades of fur and tusks. Many of the endangered animals are some of our favorite and most popular species including the tiger, giant panda, sea turtle, and the red wolf.


Aldora has created a way to raise awareness and respect for our endangered creatures, and those species who need to be preserved.


Tiger by Aldora

Tiger by Aldora

Sea Turtle by Aldora

Sea Turtle by Aldora

Honeybee by Aldora

Honeybee by Aldora


The BEAST COLLECTION features individually handcrafted jewelry made from a carefully selected combination of gemstone beads, semi precious beads, wood, and glass beads. For each animal, inspiration is drawn from fur patterns, eye color, wings, and feathers. tapping into the essence of each animal to create the piece. Finally, the piece is finished with a beautiful, large, medallion style pendant, featuring a portrait of each animal.






The BEAST COLLECTION by Aldora promo vid


For every purchase Aldora will donate 10% of proceeds to various wildlife conservation and education organizations. As Aldora begins to gain momentum with the project more organizations will be partnering with Aldora on this amazingly cool project.



Stare into the eyes of some of earth’s most majestic and wonderful creatures. These unique and beautiful pieces make a huge statement both symbolic and stylish.


Take a walk on the wild side with the BEAST COLLECTION by Aldora.






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