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South Africa, 2016-Aug-03 — /EPR Network/ — Shortage of energy is one of the biggest crises that the world is facing right now, with fossil fuels rapidly depleting and escalating the process of global warming (by creation of greenhouse gases). As the melting of ice on the Poles speed up owing to dangerous emission levels, scientists and environmentalists are forced to look elsewhere for energy and among the options available as far as renewable sources of energy go, solar energy is the most easily accessible one; especially in the African continents. Countries such as South Africa receive about 2500 hours of sunshine every year on an average. Hence, solar energy is the most readily-available source of alternative, renewable energy in South Africa and to mention the fact that South Africa receives about twice the amount of solar radiation that Europe does. Thus,it makes sense to capture up and store all of that energy in solar panels. In this regard, let’s introduce you to Solar Ya Africa, which is a firm that specialises in solar-powered gadgets such as solar electricity panels and solar geysers for sale.

Their products, popularly known and marketed as ‘Solahart’ include products such as heating systems, water savers and plumbing apparatus. The Solahart Solar water heater is a double-ceramic lined tank which has extra protective measures to ensure safety from any damage that might be caused by excessive heat. The Solahart plumbing systems are made from closed multi-circuit designs that protect the systems from frost or hard water. The models offered by them are: KF 302, 300 J and 180 J. Each of them have a suitability range from four to six people and can be used with any Colourbond®. The warranty for each differs though— 10, 5 and 10 years respectively. As for Q-factors, they are: 37.59 MJ, 35.53 MJ and 37.59 MJ respectively.

The Colourbond® systems offered by the company come in mainly 10 shades, which are black, beige, steel, slate-coloured, red, blue, light grey, light green, off-white and brown. The bands are normally applied directly to the tank when in use.

For more on Solar Ya Africa and its amazing Solahart products, see http://www.solaryaafrica.co.za/.

Supplying solar-powered gadgets to individuals and organisations for the last six years, Solar Ya Africa has grown considerably in both scope and expertise. Client satisfaction and environmental conservation are the twin pillars of its vision and ideology; on the basis of which it operates.


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