Singapore speeds toward its Smart Nation vision

SINGAPORE, 2017-Feb-02 — /EPR Network/ — Singapore, already one of the most connected nations on the planet, is moving aggressively towards being the first nation in the world to be completely connected with 5G wireless technology – achieving their vision for a “Smart Nation” that is completely connected on every square inch (and even parts of the ocean).

The world is watching very closely to see just how Singapore rolls out the nation’s fastest mobile network, and the largest mobile company in the country – Singtel – is responsible for putting out the hardware and laying down the infrastructure for the new 450 Mbps wireless network that will deliver speeds up to 50% faster than the current LTE technology standard used in most other locations around the world.

With this new wireless standard really rocking and rolling all over Singapore, people in Singapore are going to be able to download full-length high definition movies in less than two minutes over a mobile connection – something once thought to be almost impossible, and the reality that absolutely no other nation in the world has been able to bring to reality yet.

Chief executives at the Singtel company have been promising a Smart Nation blanket for some time now, though they have been completely realistic with the challenges that have been popping up along the way as well as the timeline for the vision to come to fruition.

As of right now, if the entire network is set up and ready to go by the end of 2017 – and truly blankets Singapore with 5G speed everywhere – they will have come in ahead of schedule (and under budget) which is going to be very, very exciting.

Major investments have been made in the 5G hardware he and infrastructure that is going to support this new LTE standard. As mentioned above, the speeds on this network are going to be 50% higher while providing even more access to the network and currently available – which is open there undeniably) going to put quite a bit of stress on the network.

This is why the company has been working hard to stress test the 5G hardware that they have already installed in strategic locations throughout Singapore, and so far the early indications of the readiness of this network have been very favorable. Network speeds have been fast and consistent, and though they haven’t yet really hit the accelerator on the Smart Nation project it’s anticipated that the rollout will complete before the year is out.

Next year, in 2018, this same company anticipates rolling out one gigabit wireless speeds at select locations throughout the Smart Nation infrastructure. This will once again reduce bottlenecks, almost quadruple speed available on these networks, and provide a real-world case study for networks in other countries that are thinking about building out the same kind of infrastructure that Singapore already has committed to.

At the end of the day, Singapore is going to continue to expand their investments in wireless networking as they reach to become the most connected country on the planet. And at this current pace, it doesn’t look like anyone is going to catch them anytime soon!

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