White River Animal Rescue is inspiring the community and saving hundreds of dogs each year

White River Junction, VT, 2017-Mar-28 — /EPR Network/ — White River Animal Rescue, a 501(c)(3) registered organization, has launched, on March 20, a new website to act as a resource and guide for dog fosters and adopters in the community.


White River Animal Rescue, founded in Vermont, in 2009, has been working to rescue adoptable dogs from abusive and neglectful situations in Southern states during three main aspects of their development:

  • White River Animal Rescue rescues puppies or dogs who have been victims of abusive and neglectful situations in the Northern and Southern U.S. regardless of their age, breed or ease of placement to find them a forever home. The organization provides a safe environment for dogs, and has developed a strong network of over 20 reliable foster homes to help reintroduce dogs into society before they can meet their forever family.
  • Unlike many other organizations, White River Animal Rescue rescues primarily dogs from code red and euthanasia situations. The organization takes care of all injuries or wounds a dog may have before getting to the rescue. All health and medical expenses, including surgical expenses, are covered, in which amounts may vary as high as five figures.
  • White River Animal Rescue also seeks to positively impact the community on the importance of dog medical treatments. To emphasize the relationship between dogs and care, White River Animal Rescue has been raising awareness about the killing of adoptable dogs and seeks to educate the community about vetting puppies and dogs.


White River Animal Rescue’s programs and opportunities aim to cultivate and influence the development of dogs in society and offer constant care and support for the most unfortunate cases.

And, for this, the organization is seeking to recruit volunteers and foster parents to help carry out a large number of rescues per year. Additionally, the organization would like to raise awareness on local and global issues related to dogs’ mistreatment by individuals and private institutions. The programs fulfill a promise to dogs that allow them to live a satisfying and healthy life, which is based on the ideology of White River Animal Rescue’s founder, Amy Knight, who desired to make a difference and help dogs, wherever they may be located.

“Full understanding begins with taking complete responsibility for how your life, its actions and behaviors affect other beings. The impetus for rescuing IS irresponsibility on the part of human beings. Considering a dog is unable to drive to a veterinarian, unhook themselves from a chain, or walk out of a shelter, I decided that we should,” said Amy.


All dogs rescued by White River Animal Rescue benefit from a complete support system in all areas necessary for their development within a safe and trustworthy environment. They receive medical care, training and education, and foster care and family adoption services.


Results? Since 2009, White River Animal Rescue has saved over 4000 dogs total and over 350 in 2016 alone, who are now in the comfort of a good home.


White River Animal Rescue was established by Amy Knight and Tina Fulmer, as well as,  a strong leadership team of dedicated volunteers. For Tina Smith Fulmer, an original Board of Directors member, at White River Animal Rescue: “I have worked with WRAR since I believe 2008. Amy needed some help with a mom and pups in a local Georgia shelter. I jumped in to help and I have been working with her since. I have been blessed to work with Amy throughout the years saving dogs in Georgia and finding them forever homes in the North East. I have watched Amy take this from a small one person rescue to having a group of over 15 to 20 solid volunteers who want nothing more than to give these dogs a great life. They make sure all medical needs are met, and make sure the adoption applications are fully screened to find the best fit for every dog they place. I am proud of the work White River Animal Rescue does and I am proud to be a part of the team.”


White River Animal Rescue aims to extend its programming and increase the number of dogs saved, within the next year. To learn more about White River Animal Rescue, to volunteer, foster or donate, please visit our website whiteriveranimalrescue.org.


About White River Animal Rescue

White Animal River Rescue, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, founded in 2009 by Amy Knight and Tina Fulmer, has quickly become a major resource for animal rescue and adoptions in New England.

White River Animal Rescue distinguishes itself by its ethics related to dogs’ well-being and by its exhaustive efforts to rescue dogs from euthanasia, sickness and mistreatment. White River Animal Rescue has developed strong resources and opportunities in the community to rescue dogs without regard to age, breed or ease of placement in order to find them a good home.

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