Aroma Bravo Expert Talks About His Passion For Honduras Gourmet Coffee

Aroma Bravo Honduras Coffee, 100% Organic Non-GMO

CARSON CITY, NV, U.S.A., 2017-Apr-20 — /EPR Network/ — When it comes to gourmet coffee, Honduras easily ranks high in the recommendation list of coffee experts. This is not surprising because Honduras gourmet coffee has long been revered for its smooth, balanced and full-bodied flavor. For many experts, this coffee represents the very best of the Latin American specialty coffees. Each cup is a revelation; every sip highlights the alluring aroma and unique origin flavors of the Honduran beans.

“Drinking Honduras gourmet coffee is always a magical experience for me,” says one of the resident experts at Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea. “Even after years of sipping this coffee, I’m still amazed every time.”

When asked about how his passion for Honduras coffee started, the expert recalled: “I discovered the coffee when I began working as a small-batch roaster. We were trying out several single-origin coffees but the Honduran variety left the best impression on me. It had deep, luscious flavors of chocolate and nuts with subtle hints of cocoa, caramel and honey. It was certainly rich in taste but not at all overbearing; a good balance that most specialty coffees find difficult to achieve. That’s how my love affair with Honduran gourmet coffee started out.”

It seems that the Aroma Bravo expert is not alone in his passion. Roasters, baristas and other professionals around the world have also been charmed by Honduras coffee’s unique flavor profile.

“I believe that Honduras coffee is up to par with the best coffees in the industry. There is already an increasing demand for the coffee, evident in how Honduras has already surpassed Guatemala as the best exporter in Central America, and now ranks sixth place globally. It’s exciting to see more and more people discover this coffee. It has so much to offer in terms of body, flavor and aroma, and I’m glad that many coffee lovers are starting to appreciate that,” the expert further remarked.

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