Aroma Bravo Intrigued by Coffee & Tea’s Potential to Prevent Liver Disease

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CARSON CITY, NV, U.S.A., 2017-Jun-13 — /EPR Network/ — A new study published in the Journal of Hepatology has suggested that consuming coffee or herbal tea every day may help avert diseases related to the liver. A number of coffee and tea experts consider the research to be promising, especially the team at Aroma Bravo.

“The health benefits of coffee and tea have long been established,” says a representative from the Nevada-based company. “But the possibility that drinking either of these brewed beverages could prevent liver ailments is definitely intriguing.”

Conducted by a group of researchers in the Netherlands, the study indicates that diseases such as fibrosis of the liver can benefit from the frequent consumption of coffee and herbal tea. The data showed that even little amounts of both drinks can lower the chances of getting a high liver stiffness measurement.

“This is certainly good news for coffee and tea lovers such as myself. I mostly drink these beverages for the taste but the added health benefits are a wonderful surprise. I never really thought much about my coffee and tea intake until I read about this study. I think it is amazing how these ancient brews can do so much for the body. No wonder they have been around for ages! I am really glad I got into this healthy habit,” the Aroma Bravo representative remarked with a smile.

As of today, the Dutch researchers have yet to determine the specific amount and types of coffee and tea that will bring the best results. More tests need to be done but nevertheless, the study has brought attention to the natural prevention of progressive liver diseases. The entire Aroma Bravo team will be closely following the results while continuing to revel in the wondrous benefits of coffee and tea.

Interested readers can learn more about the study at Science Daily.

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