Aroma Bravo Honduras Coffee Elevated by Its Mellow Chocolatey, Nutty Flavor

Honduras coffee made from 100% organic Arabica beans

CARSON CITY, NV, U.S.A., 2017-Jun-29 — /EPR Network/ — When customers are asked what flavors they love about Aroma Bravo Coffee, many of them will often mention the tones of chocolate and nuts. Coffee lovers seem to enjoy this mellow chocolatey and nutty flavor the most because it greatly enhances the taste of the Honduras coffee.

Aroma Bravo thinks that this fondness for gourmet coffee with a slight chocolatey and nutty character must be refreshing to consumers. “Most coffees from the same region tend to taste very similar, so it can get quite boring. To make our Honduras coffee stand out from the rest, we added subtle notes of luscious chocolate and nuts to give it an interesting twist,” said a company rep.

Aside from these two central flavors, Aroma Bravo also included little hints of caramel, cocoa and honey to produce an even more irresistible cup of coffee.

“Classic Honduras coffee already tastes great on its own, but we wanted to kick it up a notch and elevate the features of this remarkable coffee. The best way to do that is to find flavors that complement each other and balance them well so that the resulting coffee won’t come off as bitter or overbearing. Fortunately after numerous trials, we were able to achieve the taste we want and create the Aroma Bravo Honduras Coffee that you know today,” the representative added.

And all the hard work paid off, indeed. The Honduras coffee is regularly praised for its delicious outcome and overall enhanced flavor profile. Rich, smooth, well-balanced with its signature mellow chocolatey and nutty flavor, the coffee is now quickly becoming a favorite by coffee lovers online.

“One of our main goals is to become the ultimate customer favorite when it comes to Honduras coffee. So for our customers to say that they really enjoy our roasted coffee is a huge honor to us. We will always give our best in providing the most flavorful Honduras coffee beans to every gourmet coffee lover out there,” the representative concluded.

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About Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea
Aroma Bravo offers certified organic Honduras coffee beans. Grown in organic farms and roasted in small batches, Aroma Bravo Honduras Coffee is highly recommended for coffee lovers.

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Charles C Harmon Co LLC
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