Gigalight Tech Center in Wuhan Releases Recruitment Announcement

Seattle, US, 2017-Oct-10 — /EPR Network/ — To further strengthen the power of Gigalight, Gigalight tech center in Wuhan is sincerely recruiting elites from communication industry to develop 400G optics together.
Wuhan, called as thoroughfare of nine Provinces, is the significant high-tech industrial base and photoelectron information industrial base and integrated transportation hub in the whole country. There exists the largest optical interconnection R&D (Research and Development) base, Wuhan Optical Valley. Therefore, to some degree, whether from the perspective of location or development prospect, Wuhan is a good choice for the Gigalight tech center’s construction.

1.Gigalight Entered into the Core Zone of Optical Intercommunication, Wuhan Optical Valley

According to the needs for talents strategy, at the beginning of 2017, Gigalight decided to construct the high-end R&D center of optical communication in Wuhan. After half one year of careful preparation, the construction of office and laboratories, located in 2nd Road Optics Valley, Optics Valley Industry Park, has been finished and is getting into the test stage of running on October 9th, 2017.

2. The Needs of Gigalight Tech Center in Wuhan for Talents and Recruitment Information about Positions

It’s known that talents contribute to a strong enterprise. As a developing company, Gigalight regards talents cultivation as a way to a enterprise’s success. At present, the goal of Gigalight is to train and cultivate new generation of elites in this field. At the process of the cultivation, Gigalight does not only offer them incentives in the form of materials and shares, but also lead each one of them to a deep and valuable life in this troubles ages. The below is the recruitment information for the positions:

Special Invitation

R&D Director of integrated components and chips: 1 person;
Supervisor of high-speed optical module: 1 person;
Testing Engineer of optical module: 5 persons;
R&D Supervisor of optical module: 1 person;
Hardware Engineer of high-speed optical module: Several;
Hardware Engineer of optical module: Several;
R&D Engineer of optical module software: 3 persons;
R&D Supervisor of Silicon Chip: 1 person;
DSP Engineer of optical module: 2 persons;

If your goals and ideas are in accord with Gigalight, welcome to send your resume to this email address:。

3.Target for 400G

Faced with many great challenges in tech, 400G is in the ascendant! Gigalight tech center in Wuhan is aimed to become the national platform and cradle with advanced tech and top talents at the ages of 400G,where all troubles will be overcome and all resources will be integrated to renew the legend of Tomorrow!


Each one leaf is carried with passion of thunder. Every age is imbued with a brand new chance. While every forward movement is filled with a chance to push us toward the high position!


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