VALLEJO, CA, 2018-Jan-23 — /EPR Network/ — John Pavon, sole proprietor of  John’s Arts & Crafts, with his Green Division-The Best Lady Bug House, today announced a new free seminar called “History of the Ladybug”

With crowds reaching Superbowl size, coming from across the nation and globe to attend the famous 2018 Flyway Festival, Feb. 10 & 11th 2018. Mr. Pavon goes my JP to friends is considered a “Ladybug” expert-(because of his early childhood interest into Ladybugs!

His Free Seminar called: History of the Ladybug! Feb. 10 at 1PM at 880 Walnut Ave. Mare Island, CA  His  PowerPoint presentation with never before seen color slides and narrative story telling style has more recently packed the seats, Attendee submitted surveys have all came back positive many have said they would pay to hear the speaker talk about Ladybugs! The attendee receives free gifts for completing a short one page survey.  This year includes and new T-shirt just for the seminar and a Calendar with color photos ladybugs for each month page.

Research revealed: Ladybugs need a nesting boxes/ house, which led to The Best Lady Bug House design, from the ground-up for the Convergent Lady beetle-scientific name Hippodamia Convergens, which is native to California.” The do-it-yourself gardeners have been using ladybugs for awhile now as a safe organic means of pest-control,” said, Mr. Pavon“ This is not a new method of farming and gardening, using natural predator-prey introduction vs. chemical means for pest-control has been going on for several years now, but the use of the nesting boxes or houses is new. The Best Lady Bug House is more than just a house for Ladybugs; this is an encouragement for people to go-organic–meaning non-chemical pest-control. When one sees The Best Lady Bug House in a front or backyard this is their statement that they are green! These are made of weather resistance painted recycled wood they will add brightness to your yard or garden, and quite a conversation piece for your company and visitors. The Best Lady Bug House measures 5 inches wide, 7 inches tall and 3 inches deep. Painted white and constructed out of recycled wood products weather resistant and features a piano hinge roof for easy spring cleaning and easy access to check on your favorite herd of ladybugs. Its unique design takes in consideration of their basic needs: location, food, shelter, protection, and a nourishing environment. Each house comes with a stake for easy placement in you indoor grows, yard or garden or farm. Complete with instructions on how to care for your friendly herd of ladybugs. Package Discount deals available after the seminar or regular online sales at website


John Pavon-Speaker
Seminar: History of Ladybug
880 Walnut Ave.
Mare Island, CA 94590


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