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Contraceptive Drugs and Devices Market is expected to grow over the forecast period owing to the increasing prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV & HPV and growing population.

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Contraceptive drugs and devices are used in birth control and fertility related issues. They help prevent unwanted pregnancies. The major function of these products is to change the ovulation functioning by acting as physical barriers between sperm and ovum. The global Contraceptive Drugs And Devices Market is anticipated to grow rapidly over the forecast period (from 2012 to 2020). Factors that drive the industry are a rapidly growing global population and rising prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as HPV (human papilloma virus) & HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). Other drivers are initiatives & programs against abortions by various governments & NGOs, changing lifestyles, and political & social considerations.

The adoption of birth control measures and contraceptives form a part of “family planning”. A key benefit of such drugs & devices is that they help prevent the spread of STDs. Family planning involves the use of hormonal barriers as a technique for birth control, sterilization, and application of intra-uterine devices. Apart from these, there are dual protections and emergency controls meant for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies.

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The global industry is segregated as per products and regions. Products involve contraceptive drugs, male contraceptive devices, and female contraceptive devices. Among these, contraceptive drugs held the largest market share in 2014, as these are the easiest means of contraception. There have been a lot of technological developments in contraceptive drugs, such as the advent of emergency contraceptive pills.  These drugs are a combination of one or more artificial female sex hormones, such as estrogen & progestin or just progestin. They help avoid an unwanted pregnancy by getting in the way of normal & complex procedure of ovulation. These also prohibit the implantation of male hormones in the uterus if taken within two to three days.

Additionally, the global contraceptive drugs and devices market has been experiencing steady growth due to the advent of cheap contraceptives, such as AG200-15 Contraceptive Patch, Sino-Implant (II), and Pill-Plus. The industry is further classified into female condoms, sub-dermal contraceptive implants, intrauterine devices, contraceptive vaginal rings, contraceptive diaphragm, nonsurgical permanent contraception device, and contraceptive sponges.

Geographically, the worldwide industry is categorized into four major regions namely, Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and RoW. Europe and North America are the dominant regional markets due to factors, like highly developed healthcare infrastructure, availability of contraceptive devices & drugs, and technically advanced systems. These markets witness high product demand because of favorable governmental initiatives and greater awareness among the masses.

Over the last few years, most global and domestic companies have been focusing on emerging countries, such as India and China. These regions are rapidly expanding markets for contraceptive drugs and devices. Major players in the worldwide Contraceptive Drugs And Devices Market are Pfizer Inc.; Bayer Healthcare AG; Church & Dwight Co. Inc.; and Warmer Chilcott Company Inc.

A birth control patch, invented by Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical under the brand name “Ortho Evra”, is the latest and a widely preferred choice of contraception among women. The product is easily available. This small plastic square skin patch has two female hormones, “progesterone” in the form of “norelgestromin” and “estrogen” in the form of “ethinyl estradiol” that help avoid unwanted pregnancies.

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