Scratch It Whenever The Urge Strikes With This Scratch Map

London, W10, 2018-Jun-01 — /EPR Network/ — Scratch maps are in vogue these days and everyone either has one already or is in the market for one. Then there are those who own a scratch map and find themselves thinking about their scratch maps back home and imagining how good it will feel to scratch off the foil right at this moment. The wait to travel back just to be able to scratch off seems too long and hard for such travel enthusiasts. For such people who have become addicted to their scratch maps and find themselves in the weird predicament of missing their maps when they are away and they have to be away to be able to scratch a new place, there is a solution.

This solution comes by none other than the geniuses at Luckies of London who seem to have some sort of secret connection directly to the minds of globetrotters.

Scratch Map Travel For Those Who Miss The Scratch Action On The Go: The internet is filled with scratch maps ranging from sophisticated to downright tacky, some are the normal sized ones others come in XL size. Then there are scratch maps for travellers who are into traveling because of things such as cuisine, adventure or animals. With Scratch Map Travel, Luckies of London have hit the jackpot and found the solution for those avid travellers who suffer from scratch map sickness.

Awesomeness Of Original Theme: Why change the design when it is so loved by everyone? This small scratch map comes in the original scheme with golden foil as overlay and a white glossy background. Scratch off the gold foil with any coin and discover bright range of colours. All the basic features like state lines for USA, Australia and Canada are marked along with capitals.

Small is Fun Sized: This world scratch map has been shrunk to 42 x 29.7 cm and that doesn’t mean it has lost anything. It has only gained a lot more on the flipside like:

  • Some handy travel etiquette tips to make your journeys easier and incident free.
  • Blank map to plan your next trip.
  • Marky our favourite destination on the trip.
  • Get funky with your most loved music track.
  • Ownership information.

Sturdy Gift Tube: You can take this scratch map with you wherever you go, thanks to the sturdy gift tube that it comes rolled up it. Dump it in your backpack or suitcase and take it out to scratch off a place as soon as you reach it. Never again be away from your scratch map. There is a luggage tag on the gift tube to mark it as your own.

Why Only Luckies: But no matter what kind of map, none of the imitators have been able to make scratch maps with the same love and zeal as Luckies of London and how could they. For Luckies, scratch maps are their babies, they invented them. Till date, no copycat has managed to replicate their passion and quality.




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