Carolina Exteriors Plus Launches Recycle Asphalt Shingles- defend atmosphere Project

Apex, North Carolina, 2018-Jun-07 — /EPR Network/ — Carolina Exteriors, one of the leading roofing companies Raleigh NC today launched a major project dubbed “Recycle Shingle-Protect Environment” to increase awareness about the effects of disposing asphalt shingles to the surroundings. The company, through its directors, stated that most roofing companies rather dispose of the used roofing materials instead of finding betters ways of reusing them.

Carolina Exteriors expressed its optimism in this new project, saying that it is looking forward to a future where recycling asphalt shingles will be equivalent to recycling papers or plastics. The firm, which has carried out over 3,000 reroofing projects across the Raleigh NC region, said that as time goes by, it will also educate home owners in the region to embrace the idea of asphalt shingle recycling. Several homeowners have embraced the idea well while others are yet to implement this idea. The roofing firm said that it intends to spread awareness even further to help conserve the ecosystem.

Through a report issued by the firm, it is estimated that 22 billion pounds (4.5 percent) of waste dumped across United States is composed of roofing materials derived from tear-off when re-roofing works are done. Out of the waste, about 85 percent of it is mainly asphalt shingles. The company expressed concerns in the amount of wastes particularly the asphalt shingles being dumped in landfills. The Raleigh roofing company stated that asphalt is among the most dangerous bio-hazards that if mishandled can harm not only humans but marine and plant life. As such, there was need for roofing companies to find a better way of dumping them. Carolina Exteriors however recommended recycling of the materials rather than dumping because the latter action will always get the materials back to harming life.

“Recycling of asphalt shingles used for roofing is actually the most promising way of protecting our environment”, said the company’s director. Carolina Exteriors added that recycling these roofing materials as the potential of saving landfills from about 11 million tons of the roofing waste. Some of the recommended ways of recycling asphalt shingles include repurposing them to create pavements, pothole, sidewalks, ramps, bridges, parking lots and more.

The roofing Raleigh NC firm said that it was working to join hands with other roofing companies in the region to make the recycling of the asphalt shingles part of their routine practice. The firm also added that it was working hard to encourage homeowners make it a habit of recycling virtually anything that can pose danger to the environment.

Carolina Exteriors also advised homeowners to stay alert and beware of the storm chasing roofers in the region. The firm described these type of roofing companies as those that usually pop up only during the stormy seasons and then disappear after the storms. These types of roofers are only after homeowners’ money and not delivering quality service. In addition, homeowners were advised to check the background of a Raleigh roofing company before hiring them. They should check that they have the expertise in designing not only strong but attractive roof apex, purlins and trusses. The firm added that strength is as much important as functionality and appeal, hence all should be taken into consideration.

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