Peteco Launches the First Social MarketPlace in centralized form


Bucharest, Romania, 2018-Jun-08 — /EPR Network/ — Peteco LTD, a joint venture company, started building the first social marketplace. It will evolve from a centralized form to a decentralized form. The project will develop a social media channel targeting pet owners and an e-Commerce marketplace. The purpose of the project is allowing other e-Commerce stores to sell to the targeted market and at the same time enabling pet owners to socialize.


May 13th, 2018. Bucharest, Romania: Peteco, the decentralized social marketplace will be financed by an ICO, capped at 1500 BTC. This ICO will ensure the development of the open-source technology that uses the PetC token as currency.


Peteco aims to solve the small/medium-sized stores problems regarding sales, advertising and customer retention.

After an extensive analysis of all the e-Commerce shops in the world (Prestashop, Magento, Opencart & WooCommerce based), these common issues have been discovered: attracting/retaining customers, managing multi-channel advertising and development issues.

Founder of Peteco, Marian Malahin stated that:

“The real competitors for companies like Amazon will be built based on two key values: great social user experience and a democratic marketplace for multiple e-Commerce stores. Using PetC as a token to buy products/services inside the social marketplace will help us solidify such freedom being offered to shop owners.“


With its open source approach, Peteco will enable sustainable collaborations between blockchain nodes, allowing small/medium e-Commerce stores to thrive in a democratic environment. Peteco will be initially launched in the centralized form and attract shop owners to interconnect with the marketplace. When the ICO is complete, Peteco will start building the decentralized social marketplace.

The founder also stated:

“It is of utmost importance that the associated PetC ICO finances the new technology and research, which is why it is capped at 1500 BTC. This way, Peteco will provide an open-source technology for the e-Commerce industry. However, because we are planning to use PetC inside a complex e-Commerce environment, this token is based not only on the technology, but on the actual e-Commerce transactions being done inside the Peteco social marketplace which will add more value and sustainability.”

Enabling small/medium shops

Peteco will enable small/medium shops to plug in into a marketplace in the easiest possible form (by installing a plugin). By allowing users to generate content and interact with each other, Peteco expects to increase customer retention in a more natural/organic way. Peteco considers that such user experience built right into the DNA of a platform is unique in the e-Commerce landscape.  

A New Metric: Social commerce index

The possibility to blend social actions and e-Commerce actions will allow Peteco to calculate a new KPI namely SCA – social commerce actions, which will help e-Commerce shop owners to better target the influential shoppers.

A New Token: Donations will get a boost

The use of PetC token will greatly help rescue campaigns for pet related cases and we are building it with the NGO mindset in order to reach the entire potential market.

About Peteco

Peteco LTD is a joint-venture company formed by an optimization agency named Agile Media SRL, a development company named Eve Labs SRL and a strategic partner which is an important distributor for medical pet supplies in the eastern Europe. The research of the e-Commerce market started in 2017 (data collection actually started back in 2013) in the form of a global review of e-Commerce stores in the pet related products industry (using crawling, offline and online surveys, etc).


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